Kashmere Stage Band “Thunder Soul” In Theaters!

Now-Again | Oct. 4, 2011 | News |

If you’re anything more than the most casual of visitors to this site, you’re aware of our role as stewards of the Kashmere Stage Band’s musical legacy – and that we’ve been heavily involved in the promotion of Mark Landsman’s documentary “Thunder Soul.”

Well – good news to all: It’s out in select theaters from coast to coast. A full list of theaters -and the film’s scheduled roll out in other cities can be found here. And, if you need more of a reason to go, check the film’s official trailer, above.

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  2. pierre says:

    can you think to the french subtitles please!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait for it!

  3. Alec says:

    can’t wait E!

  4. DJ M says:

    I was extremely excited to see this trailer at the movie theater this weekend before a screening of “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” I can’t wait to see “Thunder Soul!”

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  6. I am sooooo proud of you guys! And I hope my brother gets his record deal!!LOL

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