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Now-Again | Jun. 25, 2014 | News |

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you might have seen/heard Egon’s set at Boiler Room’s debut in San Francisco. This is the many-times-postponed follow up for their “Collections” series, which we and the Boiler Room crew have tried to get right. It aired live at noon (BST) on Friday June 27th and is available as an archive here:

From Boiler Room’s site:

“He took us on a wondrous musical journey spanning psych, funk, prog and more; interspersed with useful information about each release such as which presses to look for if keen, and what’s going to be reissued for our ears to delight in.

We traveled through Spain with Madlib favorite Pan y Regaliz, Eastern Europe with our old loves Indexi and Drago Mlinarec plus a newfound one, Drugi Nacin; Iran with Kouroush Yaghmaei, over to the African continent with Zambian legends Ngozi Family (keep your eyes peeled for a respective anthology on the label in 2015), Ethiopia with Mahmoud Ahmed, Nigerian band The Hikers, and an unmissable slew of Angolan 45’s – this just to name a few.”

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