Los Yesterday’s – Mr. Yesterday

Three 7″ singles by Trish Toledo, Los Yesterdays, The Macrames: Chicano “souldies” on Now-Again Records produced by and written by Gabriel Rowland and Victor Benavides.


Side A – Mr. Yesterday

Side B – So Insincere

The song that started it all for Rowland and Benavides was “Mr. Yesterday”, a future Chicano soul classic about a jilted lover who refuses to accept reality, opting instead to live in the memories of happier times. It was after Tom Brenneck heard the song that he contacted Gabe Roth and the due started working with Daptone Records. Here, we present the original, demo version of Los Yesterdays, “Mr. Yesterday.” Rounding out the record is the B-Side tribute to Little Anthony & The Imperials, “So Insincere” about a man who confronts his lover about her lies concealing a longtime affair.

7″. 2020. NA7039.