Madlib Medicine Show In San Francisco, June 7th: The Sound of Zamrock

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Madlib has championed Zamrock’s heroes for some years now: his Beat Konducta in Africa release leaned heavily on samples from the likes of WITCH and Paul Ngozi and the Ngozi Family; his DJ sets feature rarities from the scene; he and the rapper formerly known as Mos Def have been discussing a trip to Zambia to record a collaborative album. At this special Madlib Medicine Show, Madlib will not only put together a DJ set that weaves his trademark hip hop beats in and out of funky and fuzzy Zamrock classics, but he’s brought WITCH’s last remaining member, bandleader Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda from Zambia to San Francisco to 1015 Folsom to perform Zamrock Live! on June 7th for the first time to a public audience in North America…. Ever.

Also on the bill is Egon, Madlib’s partner in Madlib Invazion, and, as any visitor to this site is almost certainly aware, the man behind the resurgence of interest in the Zamrock movement via anthologies of the giants of the scene: WITCH, Rikki Ililonga, Musi-O-Tunya, Paul Ngozi, Chrissy Zebby Tembo and, soon to come Salty Dog, Mike Nyoni, Born Free and The Peace.

As Now-Again ramps up its undertakings to document the lost gems from this isolated yet genius movement in 2013, they happily partnered up with Urban Outfitters to bring a Zamrock inspired collection into the chain this spring. With Urban Outfitters, Now-Again brought Chanda and his Zamrock Live! – which has been making the European festival rounds – to Hollywood this past month for a private show, but this is the first time that Zamrock Live! can be accessed by the ticket buying public.

At the show, Madlib will be selling a limited edition 7” EP containing selections from his forthcoming Rock Konducta album on Madlib Invazion. The 7”s – white labels, housed in a custom designed Jeff Jank sleeve – were only manufactured in a run of 300 copies.

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