More Zambian Psych: WITCH’s Lazy Bones!! (and another free mp3!)

Yup, here’s the second Zambian psych gem we’re releasing in conjunction with Shadoks on February 16th: WITCH’s masterpiece Lazy Bones!!

This official reissue was licensed by the band’s sole survivor, vocalist Emanyeo Jagari Chanda. As with the Amanaz reissue, this CD comes with Egon’s liner notes detailing Zambia’s 70s scene. After we issue Rikki Ililonga’s anthology, Now-Again will present an anthology of WITCH’s music which, in the band’s original incarnation, spread over five albums.

Bide your time with this, our favorite song from Lazy Bones!! – Chanda’s hallucinatory “Strange Dream,” offered straight from the master tapes.

Link: WITCH: Lazy Bones!!
More info on our Zambian Reissues (and a picture of Rikki Ililonga) here.

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