Announcing Zambian Psych Reissues: Amanaz’s Africa (and a free MP3!)

On February 16th Now-Again, in association with Germany’s Shadoks Records (and with thanks to Rikki Ililonga and collector Richard Leckie), presents the first entries in a series of reissues from Zambia’s 70s unsung (until now!) psych-rock heroes. Amanaz’s Africa and WITCH’s Lazy Bones are both masterpieces. More on Rikki and WITCH later. For now, we’ll focus on Amanaz.

This official reissue was licensed by the band’s two surviving members, vocalist Keith Kabwe and fuzz guitarist Issac Mpofu, after Rikki tracked down Keith in a remote portion of Zambia’s north on a recent trip back to his homeland. This CD comes with Egon’s liner notes detailing Zambia’s 70s scene.

In anticipation of this reissue, we’re giving you a taste now: the band’s beautiful ballad “Khala My Friend.” If we ever do a Forge Your Own Chains Vol. 2, this song is definitely going on!

Link: Amanaz: Africa
Download: Amanaz: “Khala My Friend.”
More info on our Zambian Reissues (and a picture of Rikki Ililonga) here.

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