Morgen – Morgen

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This album was part of the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription series.

The definitive reissue of an album in the top-ten list of every psychedelic and hard rock enthusiast: Morgen, the sole album by the New York City band that bore leader, songwriter and vocalist Steve Morgen’s surname. That casual listeners have never heard of this late 1960s masterpiece is by any measure a musical injustice. This changes with the Now-Again Reserve Edition of Morgen, pairing the known album with previously-unreleased songs, alternate takes and instrumentals.


A1 Welcome To The Void
A2 Of Dreams
A3 Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan)
A4 Eternity In Between

B1 Purple
B2 She’s The Nitetime
B3 Love

C1 Purple (Alternate Take 1)
C2 She’s The Nitetime (Alternate Take 1)
C3 Love (Alternate Take/Mix)
C4 Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan – Alternate Take) *

D1 Purple (Alternate Take 2)
D2 She’s The Nitetime (Alternate Take 2)
D3 Welcome To The Void (Alternate Mix)
D4 All I Know
D5 Everything’s Gone
D6 Woke Up This Morning

E1 Welcome To The Void (Alternate Mix – Instrumental)
E2 Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan – Alternate Take – Instrumental)
E3 She’s The Nitetime (Alternate Take 1 – Instrumental)
E4 She’s The Nitetime (Alternate Take 2 – Instrumental)
E4 Purple (Alternate Take 1 – Instrumental)
F4 Purple (Alternate Take 2 – Instrumental)

F1 Eternity (Instrumental)
F2 Love (Alternate Take/Mix – Instrumental)
F3 Woke Up This Morning (Instrumental)
F4 All I Know (Instrumental)
F5 Everything’s Gone (Instrumental)

Original sessions produced  by Steve Morgen, Murray Shiffrin and the ABC Command/Probe staff.

This reissue produced by Eothen Alapatt

All songs licensed, and all photos and ephemera used, courtesy Steve Morgen.

Original sessions recorded by Jimmy Reeves at Studio 3, Manhattan, in 1968. Remixed by Steve Morgen, Murray Shiffrin and Russ Hamm at ABC Studios, Great Northern Hotel, Manhattan, in 1969. Mastered at Longwear Plating. Originally issued on ABC Probe Records 4507

Restoration and remastering of the original album, and mixing and mastering of all unreleased, alternate takes and instrumentals, by Jason Bitner, with approval by Steve Morgen.

All songs composed by Steve Morgen

Steve Morgen: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Murray Shiffrin: Lead Guitar *; Barry Stock: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals; Bobby Rizzo: Bass; Michael Ratti: Drums. *On “Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan – Alternate Take)” Murray Shiffrin performs Lead Vocals on the first two verses, Steve Morgen performs Lead Vocals the final verse.

Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.
Cover painting: Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream) (1895) by Edvard Munch, courtesy the Museum of Modern Art.
Artwork requested by Steve Morgen.
Original album design by William Sheppard and Henry Epstein, with photography by William Sheppard.

LP, CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2021. NA5222.