Exclusive Download: Mr. Chop remixes Cherry Ghost’s “We Sleep On Stones”

We’re offering you a special one this week – an exclusive download of Mr. Chop’s remix of Cherry Ghost’s “We Sleep On Stones” – featuring Heliocentrics Malcolm Catto on drums and Jake Ferguson on bass. His remix will be on the first 12″ release from Cherry Ghost’s forthcoming Beneath This Burning Shoreline album on Heavenly Records, and will be in stores in early November.

We were so blown away by the quality of Chop’s work that we had to ask for a dispatch from The ‘Shire. Chop fired back with:

Cheers! I didn’t have anything in the library suited, so I asked Mal and Jake if they would record a backing track for me. Came at a bad time really as they were just moving out of their studio again, so it was a quick one as they had to move out that day and had just finished mixing their Lloyd Miller record. All the synth parts and effects are mine; I used strings, an odd little piano and guitar hits from the original. Other note drums have been processed through a Moog and Ring Mod.

I let the strings play out at the end as they sound lush. There is another version with Simon’s vocals on, which I think makes a lot sense, but the band preferred the instrumental. Ben, who plays keys, is a top bloke did all the arrangements – and offered his time if anything ever comes up in the future. Its a quartet playing if you are interested in some strings on the Chop album.

Back to my cave.

Download: Cherry Ghost/Mr. Chop Remix (w/ Malcolm Catto and Jake Ferguson) ““We Sleep On Stones (Instrumental).”