Soul Assassins (DJ Muggs) x Now-Again: Notes and Tones Wine and Vinyl


Notes & Tones – the wine: 2020 vintage – 90% Tocai Friulano/10% Trebbiano old vine grapes from Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino County.

Notes & Tones – the album: produced by DJ Muggs, made with samples from Sun Ra.

Inspiration: Art Taylor / Stanko Radikon / Xavier Caillard

Following the launch of their Holy Ghost wine and record pairing, DJ Muggs and Egon have teamed up with California’s Broc Cellars and its winemaker Chris Brockway for Notes and Tones.

Deep natural wine meets deep jazz and rap samples on vinyl.

Some explanation is in order:

Natural wine can be the same, obscure type of thing as a natural hot dog. Natural in what way? As in it, in some way, originally came from nature? In this case, we mean an unadulterated wine made without chemical pesticides or fertilizers used in grape cultivation; a wine made without unnecessary intervention by the vintner without fining and filtering; and with little or no sulfites added to extend the wine’s shelf life.

In this case, this wine is a “living” – sensitive, evolving – thing. If you follow the biodynamic calendar, you might find it tastes different if you drink it on a “root” day or a “fruit” day. And you will probably find that it is not sanitized like the commercially produced, neutered and shelf-stabilized wine that is what 90% of wine consumers tend to drink. In other words, Notes & Tones is probably unlike most wines you have ever had.

This is a good thing. This is purposeful. Chris Brockway of Broc Cellars worked with Muggs and Egon to conceive, ferment, taste, blend and then bottle this homage to the skin-contact wines of yore brought into the modern day – those by the likes of Stanko Radikon in Italy and Xavier Caillard in France.

The only name that fit it was that of the landmark book by the great jazz drummer Art Taylor. Muggs complimented the wine with music that he and Egon sourced and cleared from the landmark catalog of the cosmic jazz musician Sun Ra. A Soul Assassins x Now-Again collaboration.

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