Free Download: Natural Yogurt Band Mix On Paris DJs

Now-Again | May. 12, 2011 | News |

We have to shout out our friends at Paris DJs and Nicolas Ragonneau from Musique Impures for doing what we thought was the impossible: tracking down the fellas in the Natural Yogurt Band, bargaining for a mix (featuring our mutual hero Galt MacDermot, naturally), and getting some background info on their until-now-rather-anonymous project. Well done guys!

Download the Mix : Natural Yogurt Band at Paris DJs
Tracklist and More: Natural Yogurt Band at Paris DJs.

2 Responses to “Free Download: Natural Yogurt Band Mix On Paris DJs”

  1. DJ M says:

    Nice mix. Although I’ve been a long-time fan of Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass’ sitar-ific track “Wild Chick,” the standouts are the released & unreleased tracks by Miles Newbold’s various pseudonyms- The Sign of 4, The Natural Yogurt Band, Audio Optics. “Away With Melancholy” was good, but these are digging much deeper into my brain.

  2. DJ M says:

    After putting this mix on constant re-play for the past few days, I decided to go back and re-listen to “Away With Melancholy.” After an extended break from listening to “Away With Melancholy,” it sounded superb with fresh ears. Sometimes putting an album away, and then coming back to it w/ a new outlook really makes the difference. I have a feeling that “Away” will be getting many spins over the next week, and I’ll probably have to break down and buy “Tuck In With…” Damn, I love great music.

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