Out Now – Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s Zamrock Classic “My Ancestors”

Now-Again | Jun. 22, 2012 | News |

The Ngozi Family drummer’s fuzz-wrenched Zamrock classic. Released in conjunction with Shadoks. Limited LP Out NOW.

Late last year, we announced the first officially brokered reissue of Zamrock guitarist Paul Ngozi’s music when we posted the song “Jesus Christ” from The Ghetto album, which we released in conjunction with Germany’s Shadoks Music. Now, we’re happy to announce the first legit reissue of Ngozi Family drummer Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s My Ancestors, available now in limited edition LP form.

The late Zebby Tembo, as he was often referred to by his bandleader, recorded at least two albums under his own name, as well as a collaborative album with Ngozi and a handful of 45s. All are special, and feature the drummer’s straight-ahead thrust and throaty vocals amidst Ngozi’s constant fuzz guitar. Songs like “Fisherman,” posted for download below, make My Ancestors an essential buy for anyone interested in the depth of the Zamrock scene.

Zebby Tembo’s music will feature prominently in our Ngozi Family anthology, slated for release in 2013.

Download: Chrissy Zebby Tembo and Ngozi Family Band “Fisherman.”

14 Responses to “Out Now – Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s Zamrock Classic “My Ancestors””

  1. Donovan Friesen says:

    Will this album have songs NOT on the upcoming anthology, or will that collection negate this one? (I want to know whether it’s in my interest to buy this if I plan to buy that too.)

    Either way, keep this stuff coming!

  2. Egontheroad says:

    This will certainly have unique songs that will not appear elsewhere Donovan. Thanks for staying on top of this….

  3. Ed says:

    Killer. Gratitude and Platitudes.

  4. jwm says:

    where can i purchase this lp!!? been waiting for another re-issue of this one.

  5. DJ M says:

    So is it “out now” or is it “out at some undisclosed date in the future?

  6. Egon says:

    …. it is indeed out, but you know the way the Shadoks guys do: it’s basically hand distributed to psychedelic-leaning record stores the world over. CD should be rather easy to get, at least in the States, soon as Forced Exposure – a good distributor, with good reach – is distributing this.

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  8. Tone Deaf says:

    I ordered my vinyl copy yesterday.
    The Paul Ngozi album and all the other Shadoks/Now again releases got me completly open to the Zamrock! Now i know where NERD got there sound from. ‘Can You Hear me’.

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  10. steve wick says:

    where can i order this LP?

  11. Jon Land says:

    Will this be showing up digitally on drip.fm?

  12. Now-Again says:

    Yo Jon – it sure is. August 7th.

  13. Jon Land says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

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