Out Now: Regional Garland “Mixed Sugar – The Complete Works” (Download 2 Bonus MP3s!)

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OUT NOW – The collected works of the Flint, Michigan soul singer/songwriter and his band, including the crossover masterpiece “It’s A Bad Feeling” and entries by Hunts Determination Band, 21st Generations, Reggie and Vann and Brilliance.

We’ve already told you about Flint, Michigan’s Regional Garland and the awesome symphonic soul, heavy funk, pleading ballads, proto-disco and boogie included on our Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987, much of which came from master tapes and is previously unreleased. We told you that the CD comes with a 32 page booklet and that the 2LP comes with a 16 page booklet. We mentioned that both include a wealth of photos and ephemera and extensive liner notes by Ronnie Reese and Egon.

Well, we did called this set “The Complete Works” – and we’ve just found out that, well, it isn’t his complete works. You see, Regional forgot about a super-obscure 45 released by this woman pictured below, who we know only as Mahana.

Her two songs were two of the last of Garland’s Brilliant Minds productions and are both excellent. One is a version of “What Love Has Joined Together;” the Mixed Sugar version of this song appears on our anthology. The other, “She Really Needs Love,” is an unknown Garland instrumental. We’re offering them for free download below – directly from Regional’s master tapes. But don’t ask us any further about Mahana: shortly after recording these two songs, she disappeared, which explains the rarity of her blue-labled Brilliant Minds 7″.

Download: Mahana “What Love Has Joined Together.”
Download: Mahana “She Really Needs Love.”

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  1. BAMBAMBooRadley says:

    Where can I get the 2LP online? I can’t find it?

  2. cosloid says:

    purchased a copy of this fine collection. there was no 16 page book included, as promised. any chance this situation could be corrected or did all copies come without one?
    thank you

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