Pure Essence – Another Soul Cal Rediscovery

Now-Again | Apr. 6, 2012 | News |

We told you that it was a decade in the making: Soul Cal, the definitive survey of America’s best, independent, 70s soul-ensembles. Of course, even though the book has been published, the CDs burned, the records pressed, our investigation continues – and continues to unearth artifacts, like the above photo of Pure Essence that we received today. (Yes, that is a bare-chested LA Reid on the middle right).

13 Responses to “Pure Essence – Another Soul Cal Rediscovery”

  1. Veja Aqui says:

    These guys were amazing! I miss them!

  2. Clique Aqui says:

    Were very good. Many people miss !!!

  3. Were brilliant. Many people miss

  4. Denilson says:

    I agree with you: were fantastic.

  5. Fernando says:

    Very good. Many people miss

  6. Very good your opinion, congratulations on the article!

  7. victor says:

    Very good. congratulations!

  8. Agora says:

    Very good, your article is vrey good… you is master

  9. Good times that do not come back, congratulations for the initiative to rescue the memory of these great artists.

  10. importador says:

    Excellent work of recovery of the history of this time and of this type of music, this is culture.

  11. Excellent band of the season, very good

  12. Still very good! I like te groove.

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