Pazazz – So Hard To Find

Here’s another unique release – the first official reissue of Pazazz’s deep disco song “So Hard To Find.” Recorded in 1979 when this Miami-based band was working for the Norwegian Cruise Line, “So Hard To Find” was supposed to bring the band regional acclaim – and perhaps a record deal – but, after two failed press runs, bandleader Tony Castellanos shelved his dreams and decided against any sort of release.

The band split in 1981 and forgot about their single until Los Angeles record collector Mike Vegh found a random copy of the record and, impressed by the steady funk of Pazazz’s soulful disco, tracked down Castellanos and brokered the purchase of the last remaining copies of his records. Vegh connected us with the man and we’re happy to represent Pazazz’s excellent – and before now, never heard – soulful disco.

Download: Pazazz – So Hard To Find

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