Photos: True Soul Record Release Party In Los Angeles…

Now-Again | Jul. 5, 2011 | Photographs |

We told you it was going to be a good one…. On Sunday, June 26th, the funk converged at palate food + wine in Los Angeles. Palate’s chefs smoked up some Arkansas-style BBQ; their sommelier explained the subtle differences between the different 40 ounces on their tasting menu; Cut Chemist, J.Rocc, Breakestra’s Miles and Egon’s played the True Soul hits; Lee Anthony – straight off the plane from Little Rock – held court with those fans enthralled by his forty year stint with one of America’s best-kept-secrets of a soul label.

If you were there, you had ‘cue stained hands and bunch of Wonderbread in your gut to prove it. If you weren’t – well, don’t miss our next throw down.

2 Responses to “Photos: True Soul Record Release Party In Los Angeles…”

  1. Citizen Dale says:

    looks like it t’was a night of tasty platters! those spinnin’ & those drenched in bbq sauce that is..!

  2. sophique says:

    my favorite pic is the one of the lil’ baby trying to eat the record. Great BBQ, Great Soul!!!

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