Ray Alexander Technique – Let’s Talk

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This album was part of the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription series.

Side A:
Let’s Talk (Vocal)
Let’s Talk (Instrumental)
My Special One
Taking The Long Way Home
I’m In Love With You

Side B:
My World
I Don’t Bite
Wiser And Deeper
Save Me
I Wonder Why

Side C:
Let’s Talk (Mix One)
Let’s Talk (Mix Two)
My Special One (Mix One)
My Special One (Mix Two)
My Special One (Mix Three)

Side D:
My Special One (Mix Three)
Wiser And Deep (Mix One)
Wiser And Deep (Mix Two)
Wiser And Deep (Mix Three)
I Don’t Bite (Alternate Master Tape Mix)

CD Tracklist:
LP sides A, B, and C – CD 1
LP sides D, E, and F – CD 2

Original sessions produced by Richard Marks and others.
This compilation produced by Eothen Alapatt; researched by Brian Poust and Eothen Alapatt with liner notes and annotation by Brian Poust.

All songs licensed courtesy Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks.

Restoration and remastering by Jason Bitner for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.

Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

Photos and ephemera courtesy Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks, Roy Lee Johnson, Brian Poust and Greg Germani. Recordings courtesy John Ridley, Adam Leaver, Richard Lewis, Jason Kuczenski, and Brian Poust.

“I’m The Man For You,” “Cracker Jack” and “Never Satisfied” originally released in 1969 on Tuska Records.

Written by Richard Marks.
Produced and arranged by Thomas Stewart.
Personnel: Richard Marks (Vocals, Guitar), Joe Bowden (Drums); unknown remaining personnel, possibly including Charles Terrell (Bass), Hal Price (Tenor Saxophone), Tommy Stewart (Trumpet) and Andrew Tabb (Trombone).

“Freeway Crowd” and “Working Hard” originally issued in 1975 under the name J.T. Allen & Little Richard’s Band as vocal performances on Delmar Records.

Written by Keith Winslow
Produced and arranged by Keith Winslow, Barney Conway
Recorded at Atlanta Sound Studio by Calvin Arnold.
Personnel: Richard Marks (Guitar); Freeman Brown (Drums), Jesse Boyce (Bass), unknown remaining personnel.

All other tracks previously unreleased with:
Richard Marks (Vocals, Guitar), Buddy Cantrell (Vocals on “I’m With You Love (Acoustic Version)“), Tony Troutman (Vocals on “Challenge To A Pretty Woman”) and unknown remaining personnel, probably including Joe Bowden (Drums); Charles Terrell (Bass), Hosea Burch (organ), Hal Price (Tenor Saxophone), Tommy Stewart (Trumpet, Keyboards) and Andrew Tabb (Trombone), Larry Plump (Drums); David Camon (Bass); Bo Berry (Trumpet); Charles Edwards (Tenor Saxophone); Glen Barbour (Baritone Saxophone).

Recorded at various studios and locations including Richard and Catherine Marks’ home, Perfection Sound Studio, Cheshire Sound Studio, New London Studio, LeFevre Studio and The Sound Pit.

Thanks: Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks, Tanya Marks and the Marks family, Adam Leaver, Claude Boyd, Linus Rankins, Agnieszka Czeblakow, Tommy Stewart, Bill Wright, Roy Lee Johnson, Calvin Arnold, Tee Fletcher, GianLuca Honari, Katsuaki Sano, Hitoshi Takasawa, Naoya Yamauchi, Scott Craig and Jason Kuczenski.

LP, CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2020. NA5204.