Record Picks Section Updated

Now-Again | Sep. 23, 2009 | News |

We’ve revisited our Record Picks section, fixing the broken links (when possible) and making those crazy-sounds-you’ve-never-heard-the-likes-of available again.

And, in honor of Oh No and Egon’s collaboration, Ethiopium, we’ve updated Egon’s prior pick Lost Legends Of Ethiopian Funk.

Check the Picks section often, we’ll update as we can.

4 Responses to “Record Picks Section Updated”

  1. DJ M says:

    Getting 404 error on Lost Legends link.

  2. Marc B. from Chicago says:

    Me too…this must be one hell of an update! :)

  3. Now-Again says:

    Sorry fellas, fixed now. Gotta quit the day job if I want to maintain this damn site it seems!

  4. Billy B Jazz says:

    Thanks for the hook up!

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