Video Premiere: Seu Jorge and Almaz “The Model Chapter Two (Oshun And The Dream)” at

Now-Again | Nov. 29, 2010 | News |

The Independent Film Channel’s is hosting an exclusive premiere of the second short film based on our recently released Seu Jorge and Almaz album. The films star Jorge and were directed by Kahlil Joseph.

This film – loosely based around Almaz’s cover of Kraftwerk’s “The Model” – captures Jorge as he delves into his subconscious to examine the figure of a recurring dream: a woman – a model – who taunts and arouses; comforts and scares; perplexes and completes him. Presented by Now-Again Records and What Matters Most; exclusively (with an interview by Jorge) available at

Watch: Seu Jorge and Almaz’s “The Model Chapter Two: Oshun and The Dream” at

Directed & Edited by Kahlil Joseph
Photography by Bradford Young
Music by Seu Jorge and Almaz, with an original score by Miguel Atwood Ferguson.
Produced by Omid Fatemi and Daniel Song for What Matters Most
Featuring music from the Now-Again Records album Seu Jorge and Almaz.

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