Egon’s Stone Cold Psychedelic Soul (Stones Throw Podcast Archive).

Egon’s Stone Cold Psychedelic Soul podcast – a mix around a series of psychedelic ballads and otherwise funky dirge-like songs when Now-Again released Amnesty’s Free Your Mind album in 2007 – is back up at Stones Throw.

We’ve heard Egon’s Turkish Funk podcast is next – but that we cannot yet verify. Stay tuned!

Stone Cold Psychedelic Soul Tracklist:

01. Battered Ornaments “Crosswords & Safety Pins”
02. Lee Moses “Hey Joe”
03. Lee Moses “California Dreaming”
04. Stone Coal White “Free”
05. Stone Coal White “Stone Coal White”
06. Stone Coal White “You Know”
07. Smithstonian “Just Sittin'”
08. Timothy McNealy “Sagittarius Black”
09. Fifty Foot Hose “If Not This Time”
11. Agape – Rejoice
12. East of Underground “If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Gonna Go”
13. The Battered Ornaments “Smoke Rings”

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