Stream: Chop Mix 2013

Now-Again | Jul. 18, 2013 | News |

Stream: Chop Mix 2013 – a steady stream of the influences on his forthcoming album Illuminate album out August 13th!

Our friends at the UK’s Quietus have been so kind as to host Chop’s Mix 2013, which he assembled as he was putting the finishing touches on Illuminate. As they write, Chop excels at “taking the listener on a jagged journey all the way from Broadcast to the uneasy thrum of Suicide, kosmische flavours from Popol Vuh and Cluster, Alexander Robotnik and many more.”

Download: Chop “Building Blocks”

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  1. onetwomore says:

    hey man, love the mix!!!
    any chance to download the last song?

  2. chrsi says:

    Post the track list

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