Damon x True Blood: “Don’t You Feel Me” – Season 6, Episode 6

This Sunday, July 21st, peep out HBO’s vampire drama True Blood for the episode “Don’t You Feel Me,” named after – we’re not kidding – the psychedelic masterpiece that we featured on our Forge Your Own Chains compilation some four years ago, and one of the highlights from Damon’s legendary Song of a Gypsy album – which we’ll be issuing in an expanded, deluxe format later this year.

It went something like this: the episode’s writer, Daniel Kenneth, received our compilation when he was an assistant on the show. He loved the song and, when he was commissioned to write his first episode he named it, well, you know…. Gives another spin to Damon’s line “in the sunlight/in the moonlight/in the dark night/when the time’s right” that’s for sure.

More Info: Forge Your Own Chains: Damon’s Story
Buy: “Don’t You Feel Me” on Rappcats

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