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Via Rappcats, on Egon’s mix done for the release of Madlib’s Rock Konducta album:

“This is a mix of late 60s to mid 70s rock music from all over the world: America to Germany to Japan and everywhere in-between. It’s the type of rock Madlib used for the Rock Konducta records, and is a mixture of the incredibly rare and random dollar bin finds that makes crate digging in the rock idiom so much fun. A lot of this is underground – one example was literally recorded by Dusseldorf twenty-somethings in a bomb-shelter, a literally exorcising of Nazi demons through Krautrock – and some of it is from bands that had pop aspirations but recorded something heavy and probably a bit odd as the one-off awesome track on an otherwise forgettable album. Live mix using 2 CDJs, no edits, some mistakes, that’s the way it goes. Shout outs to Twink, Bunker Records, Franz Wippel, any band that spells April with a “y” instead of an “i,” state-run labels from former communist countries who had the nerve to get down with hard psych and Madlib, of course, for finding the funk in all of this.”

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  1. johnnypaddock says:

    Hell yeah, this is great! I’ve been meaning to check it out. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Julie Haynes says:

    Hi there. Awesome mix. Is there a playlist posted somewhere? Could someone send that info or where to find it. Thanks.
    Julie Haynes

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