Announcing: Private-Press Indonesian psych-prog rock legend Benny Soebardja’s “The Lizard Years” (Free MP3).

An EP compiled from Strawberry Rain’s essential issue The Lizard Years coming to our subscription service, Now-Again Deluxe, on August 3rd.

While he maintains a dubious claim as kickstarter of Indonesia’s private-press rock scene in the 60s and 70s, we can definitively say one thing about guitarist/singer/song writer/producer Benny Soebardja: He is one of the most important musical figures to arise from Indonesia in the latter half of the twentieth century. Having been a member of bands such as The Peels, Shark Move and the infamous prog-rock juggernaut Giant Step, Soebardja left his mark with many memorable albums throughout the years. It was his work as a cultural ambassador that made our recent Those Shocking, Shaking Days anthology possible.

During the mid 70s, Soebardja also recorded solo efforts, which Southeast Asian enthusiasts regard as some of the best music to surface from the region. With the help of British poet Bob Dook, Soebardja recorded numerous English language songs brimming with progressive musicianship and melodies. Backed by the almost unknown Lizard – an ensemble which contained members of both Giant Step and Indonesian poet/philospoher Harry Roesli’s Philosophy Gang – Soebardja’s solo efforts are in line with the sound of his other bands, yet unique. With The Lizard Years, Strawberry Rain and Jason Connoy present to Soebardja’s first three solo efforts: Lizard, Gut Rock and Night Train.

This album is not on Now-Again, but Strawberry Rain has agreed to allow us to present an EP’s worth of music to our subscribers at Now-Again Deluxe. And, if you’re interested, all three albums are included in Strawberry Rain’s 2CD set with a thirty-six page booklet full of concert photos, album covers and extensive liner notes. Strawberry Rain has made a special offer available for followers of this label – $15, including shipping, to customers in the USA and Canada, and $18, including shipping, for international customers. If you’d like to support what they’re doing, the Paypal address is . We would like to suggest that you do!

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The Boston Phoenix on “Those Shocking Shaking Days:” “…mind-bendingly, earth-shatteringly, consciousness-alteringly awesome…”

The Boston Phoenix Writes: “I know what you’re thinking: Is Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978 really as mind-bendingly, earth-shatteringly, consciousness-alteringly awesome as its title would suggest? Abso-fucking-lutely. ”

Thanks guys!

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Henry Rollins on “Those Shocking Shaking Days….”

Henry Rollins digs him some Indonesian psych-funk. The rock icon had this to say about our Those Shocking Shaking Days anthology and the monstrous Panbers ensemble:

“Immediately, check out track one and the disc it came in on. This is a great compilation called Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978, released on Now-Again. It’s a great one! Hats off to the label for digging deep and coming up with this one. You can find it at the Stones Throw site,”

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