Timothy McNealy – Funky Movement

Now-Again | Feb. 15, 2017 | Catalog |

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Will You Be There
Funky Movement
Funky Movement No. 2
Sagittarius Black
K.C. Stomp
Easy, Easy, Easy
What Would You Do
Do It
I Am So Glad You’re Mine
What’s Going On

Original sessions produced by Timothy McNealy. Associate production by Walter Jackson on all titles, with Roger Boykin on “I Am So Glad You’re Mine” and “What’s Going On.” This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt. Associate production by Mark Taylor. Liner notes by Eothen Alapatt.

Restoration and remastering by Truth and Soul.
Lacquered by Chris Potter at Electric Mastering, London, UK.
Art Direction by Errol Richardson.
Licensed courtesy Timothy McNealy, with thanks to Roger Boykin, Leon Michels and Philippe Lehman.

LP, CD, Digital. NA 5153.