Various – LAMP Anthology

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This album was part of the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription series.

LP 1:

Vanguards – Somebody Please
Words Of Wisdom – Truth Revue – You Made Me Everything
P.H.D.’s – It Swells My Desire
Pearls – Can I Call You Baby
Tony Black & Revolution Compared To What – Huh

Mighty Indiana Travelers – See The Lord
Embers – I’m Only Human
Ebony Rhythm Band – Soul Heart Transplant
Squidd – High On The Hill
Fabulous Souls – Take Me
Vanguards – The Thought Of Losing Your Love

LP 2:

Moonlighters – Right On Brother
Montiques – Take Another Look
Pearls – Shooting JHigh
P.H.D’s – The Way It Used To Be
Moonlighters – More Than I Can Stand
Worlds of Wisdom – Truth Revue You Understand Me Now

Vanguards – It’s Too Late For Love
Diplomatics – Hum-Bug
Revolution Compared To What – Go To Work
Amnesty – Everybody Who Wants To Be Free
Funder Cooper – I Didn’t Know (Don’t Shoot Me)
Vanguards – Good Times Bad Times

LP 3:

Each song by Vanguards

Somebody Please
Woman Come Home
It’s Too Late For Love
Girl Go Away (It’s Wrong To Love Two)
The Ground That You’re Walking On (Is Mighty Shakey)
Before You Take Another Step Girl
Man Without Knowledge

The Thought of Losing Your Love
I Can’t Use You Girl
Falling Out Of Love
Gott’a Have Love
Good Times Bad Times (Stereo)
Good Times Bad Times (Mono)
You’re Breaking My Heart
All The Women I’ve Wanted
Blue Star Rising

Original sessions produced by Herb Miller for L&M Productions. This compilation researched and produced by Eothen Alapatt.
Liner notes by Eothen Alapatt, Jeff Kolath, Kyle Long and Jason Yoder.
Restoration and remastering by Jason Bitner.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.

Now-Again Records would like to thank: Herb Miller, Lester Johnson, Bernard “Spider” Harrison, Roger Holloway, Matthew Watson, John “Ricky” Jackson, Anthony Black, Herbert Gibbs, Herman “Butch” Slaughter, Clifford Palmer, James Brantley, Paul Major, Jason Yoder, James Davis, Jon Doe, Dante Carfagna, Rob Sevier, Antonio Leirao, Michael Verloop, Moe Whittemore, James Massie, Rodney Stepp, Ted Somerville, Karla Lopez, Kat Coplen, WFYI, John Terrell, Lonell “King Ro” Conley, the late Billy Ball, the late Clint Jones, the late Jim Horton, the late Dewayne Garvin, the late James Boone, Ben Lowrie, the late Les Ohmit, Lo, Kieran, Zoe and Orion.

LP, CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2019. NA5180.