Various – True Soul, Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax, Vol. 2 (CD/DVD)

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The Thrill Is Gone 4:16 Albert Smith
Just A Trip 2:08 Thomas East
Down Home Funk (Full Version) 5:11 Larry Davis
Sister Funk (Instrumental)* 3:04 Thomas East
The Funk’s Gonna Fly * 3:22 Classic Funk
Thank You 3:48 York Wilborn’s Psychedelic Six
Conspiracy* 3:45 The Conspiracy
Maybe Yes, Maybe No 2:44 Right Track
(It’s A) Rat Race (Vocal) 4:18 The Leaders
I Believe (Our Love Has Gone Away) 4:36 The Conspiracy
I Don’t Want To Do It 2:57 John Craig
Doing My Own Thing (Interlude)* 1:06 John Craig
You For Me And Me For You * 6:13 Right Track
Springtime Smile* 5:25 Portrait
Love You For Now On* 5:07 Portrait
Get Down* 5:05 Lechance
Gigolo* 6:59 Lechanc
I Took Your Love (To Be True) (Full Version) 4:49 Soul Mind and Body

*Previously unreleased.

CD/DVD. 2011. NA 5080. (This anthology will be presented in two volumes of 56-page full-color, hardcover book/CD/DVDs and in a deluxe 4xLP vinyl box set.)

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0 thoughts on “Various – True Soul, Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax, Vol. 2 (CD/DVD)

  • Kelsey Vaughn Thomas says:

    Heard this reviewed on Sound Check/WNYC. Here in Detroit, we love good soul music. I can’t wait to hear this collection.


    how can I get the DVD of the true souls series? The buy it here links just go to mp3 files

    wanna see that shit yerd?

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