Photos From A Weird Jazz Afternoon

Now-Again | Mar. 31, 2010 | News |

Yesterday, we teamed up with Stones Throw to present our Weird Jazz Afternoon at Palate Food + Wine in Glendale – in honor of our P.E. Hewitt anthology, out everywhere tomorrow, April 6th. “Weird” was right – jazz from Ethiopia, Finland, France, India and, of course, the USA – spun by Egon, J.Rocc and Palate’s wine guru (and weird jazz bassist) Steve Goldun as the chef’s served up pulled pork sandwiches, Easter lamb and everyone poured some OE alongside some nice Burgundies.

Photos from our Weird Jazz Afternoon/P.E. Hewitt Record release party.
Photos from our Black Man’s Cry record release party.

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  1. sophique says:

    what better way there is to spend an afternoon?bbq,OldE+P.E Hewitt=winer!

  2. […] from our Weird Jazz Afternoon which we threw for our P.E Hewitt Winter Winds The Complete Works release. Pictures from our Black […]

  3. Bubbie says:

    iQGDXl Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

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