Now-Again Reserve Edition, our deluxe vinyl subscription

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Custom-made LP’s delivered once per quarter, presenting some of the rarest records in their respective genres in the highest quality LP format.

This is our attempt at righting historical oversights, while shining a new light on music’s best and bravest from the last half of the 20th Century. Each release is produced with the direct participation of the artist.

If you sign up now and stay subscribed for a year, you’ll receive a clear-stained wooden box that houses your 4 Now-Again Reserve LP’s. Free.


Paternoster – Paternoster (1/LP, 1972) This is the first official reissue of an Austrian prog-psych masterpiece, an LP whose original pressing has sold for nearly $10,000. Paternoster is an indescribable trip influenced by Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and Procol Harum, but unique to true to itself. All vocals are in English. “6 stars” – Hans Pokora.

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Announcing: Heliocentrics – From The Deep

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Shipping at our webstore at Rappcats; WW release date 02.19.

Following Last Transmission, their collaboration with Melvin Van Peebles, the Heliocentrics finish off their trawl through the vaults of tracks recorded at their old digs – Quatermass Studios – with psychedelic tinged funk and jazz instrumentals first heard on Gaslamp Killer’s HELIO X GLK EP, tracks Rolling Stone describes as “sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.”

As hinted in one of Egon’s recent Instagram posts, the Heliocentrics are finishing up work on a new album. Watch this space for updates in the coming months.

Announcing: Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, 1972-1977

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Rock in the wake of war: Our decade long investigation into Nigeria’s rock music scene during the 1970s culminates in the release of two album and books. Vol. 1 coming April 15, 2016.

Ify Jerry Krusade “Everybody Likes Something Good” (Wake Up You! Vol. 1)

The Western world was in the throes of peace, love, and flower power as Nigeria descended into Civil War in 1967. The rock scene that developed during the following three years of bloodshed and destruction would come to heal the country, propagate the world-wide ideal of the Modern Nigerian, and propel Fela Kuti to stardom after conflict ended in 1970.

Wake Up You! tells the story of this time, pays homage to these now-forgotten musicians and their struggle, and brings to light the funk and psychedelic fury they created as they wrested free of the ravages of the late 1960s and created thrilling, original Nigerian rock music throughout the 1970s.

Wake Up You! is presented in two 100+ page books full of never-seen photos and the story of the best Nigerian rock bands told in vivid detail by musicologist and researcher Uchenna Ikonne (Who Is William Onyeabor?).

Each volume is presented as both a hardbound book with CD in a resealable plastic sleeve, and as a double LP with a soft-cover book included in a custom-made 12″x 12″ book holder.

Now-Again Reserve – Sign up mid-Jan, 1st release April!

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In mid-January we’ll make the official announcement about our deluxe LP subscription service, Now-Again Reserve, and offer spaces. The first release will ship in April.

Happy New Year 2015 – A “Psychedelic Sound” Repost

Egon | Dec. 20, 2015 | Picks |

Listen: “Jingle Bells.”

By now, regular visitors to this site know that it’s somewhat of a Christmas/New Year’s tradition: I try to dig out some interesting record from the collection to share, in the hopes that you can somehow find a way to slip, I don’t know, Paul Ngozi or Thomas East in between Bing Crosby and selections from John Denver and The Muppets’ A Christmas Together at your family’s get together. Well, it’s been four years since I first shared the amazing novelty of South Korean psych-rockers He 5’s Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound. And, in that post, I mentioned their epic “Jingle Bells” cover – really, a chance for them to stretch out into a ten minute medley of “Inna Gadda Da Vida” and “Paint It Black.”

in 2012, when photographer Eilon Paz came around the house to photograph some of my records for his Dust & Grooves project, he asked about any oddballs that I could share. It doesn’t really get any weirder than this album, so I pulled it out – and managed to snag a photo of my oldest son, who seemed more interested in the pictures of the hepcat looking Hes pictured on the back than in destroying this rarity. Lucky for me!

So, this year, as we take a few days off to celebrate a year of good music, we’re sharing with you one of the top tracks to emanate from South Korea’s psychedelic scene. Merry Christmas – 2015 – Psychedelic Sound!

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