Out Now – Fabiano do Nascimento “Dança dos Tempos”

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Fabiano do Nascimento’s debut album Dança dos Tempos: out now, download a free track below!

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Above – a short film about Dança dos Tempos, shot and edited by Bennett Piscitelli. More info on the project in our earlier post here – but really, what more do you need to hear than 1) young Brasilian guitarist 2) featuring legendary percussionist Airto Moreira 3) a mixture of the heady ‘60s and ‘70s experimentalism of Hermeto Pascoal and Baden Powell and the childlike elegance of music played and passed down by native Brasilians for generations?

Download: Fabiano do Nascimento “Forro Brasil”

Announcing: Amanaz “Africa” Record Store Day 2015 Release

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The Zamrock masterpiece’s definitive reissue. 2 LP, 2 CD set with both issued mixes of the album, extensive booklet. Official Record Store Day release – out 04.18.

More info at our webstore at rappcats.com. Orders start at 12.01 am on 04.18.

Issued in 1975, this is the articulation of Zambia’s Zamrock ethos. While other albums – Rikki Ililonga’s Zambia, WITCH’s Lazy Bones!! – are competitors, it’s hard to best this album as it covers each major quadrant of the Zamrock whole: it came from the mines; its musicians were anti-colonial freedom fighters, it envelops Zambian folk music traditions, and it rocks – hard.

Africa was issued in two separate mixes and two separate presses in 1975: one version is dry, with the vocals and drums mixed loud, the other slathered in reverb, with the vocals and drums disappearing into the mix, and with the guitar solos mixed much louder. Africa’s master tapes are long lost, but we have restored both versions in new transfers from the absolute cleanest copies of this incredibly rare album and presented them both in a 2 LP/ 2 CD set. Also included in both formats: an extensive booklet containing an essay on the album and detailing the history of the Zamrock scene and this album, with notes from Amanaz’s Isaac Mpofu and Keith Kabwe and rare photos. Download card included with LP version.

Hear examples of both mixes of the album below, with Isaac Mpofu’s scorching “History of Man.”

Tribo Massahi – Mythical Afro-Brasilian-Psych-Funk LP Officially Reissued…

Now-Again | Feb. 16, 2015 | News |

Via our subscription service Now-Again Deluxe at Drip.fm: an exclusive sampler of the otherworldly Afro-Brasilian psych-funk fusion forthcoming on Goma Gringa’s official reissue of Tribo Massahi!

Preorder NOW at our Goma Gringa’s webstore.

The legendary Tribo Massahi LP is one of our favorite, impossible-to-categorize Brasilian albums, and is about to be officially reissued now by the folks at Goma Gringa.

From a (rough) translation of the liner notes to the original River Records LP, issued in 1971 in minute quantities and currently exchanging hands for upwards of $3000:

“This is a sound made in Brazil. All the members are Brazilians. But the goal is to show young African music, with all his distinctions that come from the features of the Black Continent’s music.”

Got you intrigued, right? The album – a mixture of the Brasilian take on soul and funk music, something resembling psychedelia, and chants and rhythms from West Africa purposefully and deliberately delivered in two, side-long tracks by Embaixador João Negrão – sat in obscurity since its release. Even a cover by Brasilian superstar Seu Jorge – of the “PaI Joao” track, on our Seu Jorge and Almaz album – couldn’t lift the veil.

But now, Goma Gringa – a Brasilian start up with their hearts in the right place – offer the first 100% official reissue of this album. While a CD is in the works, at the moment, it’s only issued in a Brasilian-made, “hard-cardboard paste-on” cover, and packaged with a booklet authored by the journalist Itamar Dantas – responsible for this album’s resurgence – that finally presents the history of Sebastião Rosa de Oliveira – aka the Embaixador – and his band, the Tribo Massáhi.

We’re giving away the first two tracks from side-A’s medley to our subscribers at Now-Again Deluxe: throw yourself into João Negrão’s long silent, now screaming, and still-perplexing musical world.

“These Are The J.B.’s” – Second Edition On Sale Now!

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By popular demand – a second edition of the lost James Brown/Bootsy Collins album

Buy the album at our webstore at rappcats.com – ships immediately!

We quickly sold out of the first run of the J.B.’s These Are The J.B.’s album. So fast, in fact, that we were inundated with requests from funk fans who couldn’t fathom that a record that was meant to sell for $25 wasn’t available in their local store and was appearing on the secondary market for between $35 and $50.

They asked us to remedy the situation and we did.

We’re pleased to announce that we have produced a second edition of the album in production. Copies are now in stock and shipping via our Rappcats webstore.

Here are the differences between the first and second editions.

- The first edition comes in an old-school, thick-cardboard, “tip-on” LP sleeve – the second edition comes in a regular, “new-style” LP sleeve.

- The color way has changed for the second variation (see above for the way the second variation will appear).

– The second edition is labeled “second edition” in the legal line on the back.

All else remains the same: same quality of wax, same booklet, same funk. But we wanted to make sure the folks who bought the first edition had something special and there would be no confusion between the two issues.

(Re)Announcing – Our Nigerian Fuzz-Funk Anthology

Now-Again, in conjunction with Uchenna Ikonne (the man behind the award-winning William Onyeabor anthology on Luaka Bop and the perennially-dope Comb & Razor blog) and with help from Sound Way’s Miles Cleret and New-Zealand based psych-zealot Heavyfuzz, can now announce that we are “this” close to finishing the anthology of the best Nigerian psych-fuzz-funk tracks from the country’s rock era of the early to mid 1970s. The anthology will tell the story of rock in the wake of the Nigerian Civil War and trace its genesis in the highlife scene of the 1950s through its demise in the 1980s.

Yes, we’ve been working on this anthology for going on seven years. But, as we noted back in 2009, this compilation is officially licensed through the bands themselves – a first for a Nigerian comp of this sort, so far as we can tell.

Included in our ever expanding track list: selections from The Hykkers, The Hygrades, Tirogo, Faces, Forge Your Own Chains’ The Strangers, P.R.O, Question Mark, Warhead Constriction and Wrinkar Experience. Wrinkar’s leader, Ginger Forcha (pictured above with some adoring fans in the early 70s), licensed us his breathtaking “Ballad Of A Sad Young Woman.” You’ll have to wait till our comp comes out (later this year – yes, we promise you) to check that tune. In the meantime, we’re posting Wrinkars’s biggest hit, “Money To Burn,” here.

More information – format(s), full track list(s) and, yes, a release date coming soon.

Download: Wrinkar Experience “Money To Burn”

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