Announcing – Wells Fargo’s Heavy Zimbabwean Rock Via Vinyl Me Please

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Wells Fargo’s heavy rock music exploded in Zimbabwe in the 1970s, during the last decade of the country’s War of Independence. This is the first time Wells Fargo’s revolutionary music has been released outside of Zimbabwe – Watch Out!, for the first time in album form, is available via Vinyl Me Please’s subscription service in June.

More info at Vinyl Me Please.

We’ve hinted at the work that we’re doing in Zimbabwe, researching, archiving and reissuing the best of the country’s 70s rock and funk scene. It’s difficult to describe in a few words how complicated this process has been to date – and our associate Matthew Shechmeister has done the music gods’ work in the country, tirelessly attempting to document a scene before its scattered remnants are discarded or, quite literally, burned.

Egon talked about the scene in a three part interview with BBC DJ Gilles Peterson, and Now-Again has issued Zimbabwean rock songs as part of our 7″ Sure Shots series and the Christophe Lemaire anthology Can’t You Hear Me?

Now, in conjunction with Vinyl Me Please’s LP subscription service, we are issuing the first album from this scene, from one of Zimbabwe’s great rock bands: Wells Fargo. It comes out in June. In extensive liner notes packaged with the Vinyl Me Please issue, Matthew Shechmeister tells the story of just how black Zimbabweans were able to pen, record and release revolutionary music under dire circumstances, oppressed by a systematically racist Rhodesian government.

This project is exclusive to Vinyl Me Please for six months. The Vinyl Me Please issue includes:

– 180 gram, yellow + green tie dye vinyl
– Gatefold jacket
– 20-pg liner notes books
– 12” x 12” original art print by Sanghon Kim
– Original cocktail recipe courtesy of Zach Wilks.

Now-Again will issue a version of the album with an expanded book in January 2017. It will be pressed on 145 gram vinyl, and will not come with the art print or cocktail recipe. The LP will come in single, 2 panel jacket and will be packaged as a “Now-Again Book,” with a custom 12″ x 12″ book holder containing a softcover book. The CD version will come as a hard-cover book. (more…)

Listen – Egon’s May Residency on NTS Radio

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Egon is done with hisone month residency on NTS Radio – four two hour shows of music from around the globe. The fourth show went live today. Listen to the full show on the NTS Radio website and stream the first half of each show via our Soundcloud, below.

Show Four Tracklist:

12:49 J&H Productions Intro
11:19 German Oak Untitled
3:50 Michel Colombier Canon
4:38 Gilberto Gil 2001 (more…)

Photos: Prepping For Tropicalia In Furs Rappcats Takeover with Egon, Madlib, Mao

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While Egon and Madlib were in New York this past week for Madlib’s talk at the Red Bull Music Academy, they headed over to meet Joel Stones and peruse some of the records he’d staged at Revival Vintage Boutique in Hoboken, NJ. Caio Ferreira was there to document the proceedings. Even veteran collector Chairman Mao was overwhelmed. And though Madlib bought two crates, there was plenty left over to ship before Joel headed back to Brasil to buy more.

Joel Stones is bringing record store Tropicalia in Furs, from NYC to Los Angeles for a 2-day popup shop at Rappcats

Sat & Sun, May 21-22
5636 York Blvd,
Los Angeles CA 90042


Finally Out Now! Peace’s Zamrock Masterpiece “Black Power”

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After a year’s delay, we’re stoked to announce Black Power is shipping in all format at our webstore at Rappcats! This is the first official reissue of this essential Zamrock album.

Peace was one of of Zamrock’s best bands, kick-started by groups The Boyfriends and WITCH from Chamboli Mine Township, Kitwe, Zambia. Black Power was their sole release, recorded at Malachite Film Studio circa 1973-74 and issued circa 1975, sounds like nothing else in the Zamrock canon: a lost message drifting from the flower power era, imbued with a fiery Zambian voice.

X-Rated High School Funk – Marvin Whoremonger, LP #3 In Now-Again Reserve

15-17 year old Las Vegas high school kids meet a transient vocalist to create X-rated, basement funk. One of the most sought after funk LPs gets shining treatment this fall as a part of Now-Again Reserve: a deluxe vinyl subscription.


Here’s the story of one of funk’s most sought-after albums: Marvin Whoremonger is a concept-piece executed by a Vegas hustler, pairing the troubled musings of a transient vocalist (Marvin Neroes) with the exuberant funk of a teenage trio. Much of the album was recorded in a single take, then embellished by session musicians in Hollywood with synthesizers and a large horn section.

Producer Cholly Willians declared in the liner notes that the album would lead to international stardom for all involved. When Marvin Whoremonger was released in 1976, behind a garish, anonymous jacket, it failed immediately. Forty years later it has aged well, and stands as an immediately accessible – yet bizarre – exercise in late-period, real funk music.

Marvin Whoremonger will be the third release of Now-Again Reserve, set to ship October 18th, 2016.


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