Egon’s Funk 45 Mix – Temple Bar, Santa Monica – April 2003

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We’re very close to announcing our Black Friday Record Store Day anthology and we’re giving you a hint at the artist whose music we’re featuring. His classic funk 45 is in this set Egon spun at Temple Bar in Santa Monica in 2003. More news soon!

Announcing: Rodinia – Ex Anima

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Exclusive pre-sale at our webstore at Rappcasts. WW release date 09.08.

Electronic Krautrock in line with Cluster, Harmonia, Neu!, Popul Vuh from Jay Whitefield (Poets of Rhythm/Whitefield Brothers/Karl Hector & The Malcouns): the second Rodinia album.

Rodinia’s first album, Drumside/Dreamside, featured two, side-long suites, with synthesizers taking the fore on an overarching ambient approach (featuring over-dubbed reeds, drums and guitar, and self-made Moroccan field recordings introducing the project on its Drumsidewww.)

For Ex Anima, Rodinia has incorporated more of the mid-70s approach of Krautrock forebears Neu!, Cluster and Harmonia, with shorter, self contained songs. The result is winesome and exploratory, respectfully distanced from the past’s trappings while celebrating a musical spirit still very much alive and influential.

With original artwork by Jason Jagel.

Spiritual Jazz From Twin Brothers – Michael Cosmic and Phill Musra’s Albums, LP #7 in Now-Again Reserve

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The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve Subscription series is Michael Cosmic’s Peace In The World & Phill Musra Group’s Creator Spaces, packaged as a double LP, with a bonus 3rd LP of unreleased material by Cosmic, Musra and the World’s Experience Orchestra available only to subscribers. Shipping October 2017.

SUBSCRIBE: NOW-AGAIN RESERVE – there are a limited amount of “Catch Me Up” subscriptions still available to get you the entire run of NOW-AGAIN RESERVE releases.

Now-Again Reserve: Custom-made LP’s delivered once per quarter, presenting some of the rarest records in their respective genres in high quality LP format. Each release is produced with the direct participation of the artist.

Free improvisation, first touched on by messengers like John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Albert Ayler, gives us an exuberant maelstrom that rejoices in life while it shoves back at complex, unforgiving social-political environments. The 70s Boston underground brought twin brothers Phill Musra and Michael Cosmic together with Turkish-born drummer Hüseyin Ertunç; as a trio, and with other Boston jazzers (John Jamyll Jones of Worlds Experience Orchestra, the 2nd Now-Again Reserve Edition entry), the twins each privately issued an album. Potent mixes of spirituality, expressionist fire and electrified newness, these LPs are presented as the 7th entry in the Now-Again Reserve Edition, mastered from the original tapes.

LP 1 (front cover): Michael Cosmic – Peace in the World
LP 2 (back cover): Phill Musra Group – Creator Spaces
LP 3 – bonus record available only to subscribers: previously unreleased tracks by Cosmic, Musra and World’s Experience Orchestra.

Egon’s Pop Up Record Shop At Rappcats – August 5th

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5638 York Blvd
Los Angeles
August 5, Noon-6PM

On August 5th, Egon’s hosting his first record store of 2017 at Rappcats, selling records from his collection, one-day only. What used to be a quarterly event is now semi-annual, with new records sourced from around the world available at each event. For this event, he’s selling records sourced from the collection of funk legends the Pazant Brothers, BT Express guitarist and record producer Billy Nichols, and records from the collections of twin brothers Michael Cosmic and Phill Musra, whose two free/spiritual jazz albums are the seventh entry in the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription.

Of course, records from deep disco and boogie to West African afro-beat to Brasilian bossa-nova will also line the walls of the 1500 square foot Rappcats space in Highland Park. Also available on site will be the entire Now-Again catalog — for a one day discount of 25% less than our normal retail prices. If you can’t make it to Highland Park, all online Now-Again orders from the Rappcats store placed on August 5th will receive a 25% discount as well.

Phill Musra will be at the space, performing live from 12-4 pm, and signing any copies of the albums purchased from he and Michael Cosmic’s collection.


Mike Nyoni and Born Free’s Story – Welcome To Zamrock!

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On sale at our webstore at Rappcats: Welcome To Zamrock! Vols. 1 and 2.

LP/Book/Bundle ships immediately from our store.

Born Free was founded in 1972 by bandleader, drummer and vocalist Nicky Mwanza, but the band never recorded until a complete personnel change. Star-in-the-making Mike Nyoni joined as vocalist and lead guitarist; Zimbabwean-born Peter Lungu replaced Mwanza on drums; Joseph Musonda alternated between rhythm and bass guitar. Mwanza went on to form Cross Town Traffic, and Nyoni’s Born Free signed to ZMPL, recording the album Mukaziwa Chingoi (Promotion) LP in 1975.

The album showcases Nyoni’s talents first and foremost, and betrays a study of funk: this is not a fuzz guitar showcase, but a wah-wah guitar dominated album – the instrumental “Mad Man” sounds like it could have been cut in Detroit, Michigan in the early ’70s.
After Born Free, Nyoni went solo, signing to Christopher Ndhlovu’s Chris Editions for two albums: Kawalala (c. 1977) and his most straight forward funk/soul release I Can’t Understand You (c. 1978). This last album was released in Kenya and France with different cover art as an AIT/Reprise album, and it set up Nyoni for a string of kalindula releases in the 1980s. He gigged on his own and with Sounds Unlimited and Broadway Quintet before his death in the ’90s.