3 Chicano Souldies 7″ Singles – Trish Toledo, Los Yesterdays, The Macrames

Now-Again | Sep. 29, 2020 | News |

Three 7″ singles by Trish Toledo, Los Yesterdays, The Macrames: Chicano “souldies” on Now-Again Records produced by and written by Gabriel Rowland and Victor Benavides.

ON SALE VIA RAPPCATS: These singles are sold individually and as a value-priced set. Ship immediately. (more…)

A Mix For Action Bronson – A Live Mix By Egon In Two Parts

Now-Again | Aug. 28, 2020 | News |

“A Mix For Action Bronson” – in two parts – up on Egon’s Spotify now. Originally assembled for Bronson’s “Live From The Moon Radio,” you can now check both parts on his show on Apple Music or on Egon’s Spotify. (more…)

Ayalew Mesfin – A Life In Ethio-Groove – 5LP Set/Short Film

Now-Again | Aug. 24, 2020 | News | ,

Ayalew Mesfin stands aside the likes of Mulatu Astake, Mahmoud Ahmed, Hailu Mergia and Alemayehu Eshete as a legend 1970s Ethiopia. The music he created with his Black Lion Band is amongst the funkiest to arise from Addis Ababa.

His life in Ethio-groove is now collected in a five album series – each album is sold individually and as part of value-priced OBI-wrapped “box set.”


Music Makers Band – You Can Be – LP #18 in Now-AgaIn Reserve

Now-Again | Aug. 16, 2020 | News |

Previously unreleased disco-soul-funk album with mixes by Kenny Dope.

After myriad Coronavirus-related delays, we have restarted our deluxe vinyl subscription. You Can Be will ship in mid-October 2020.

SUBSCRIBE: NOW-AGAIN RESERVE – there are a limited amount of “Catch Me Up” subscriptions still available to get you the entire run of NOW-AGAIN RESERVE releases.

Tucked in the back corner of a linen closet in Macon, Georgia since 1979 sat a box that very few people knew existed. Lost and presumed forgotten, this box contained reel-to-reel tapes of the lost album by the band that issued the lauded Black Gold as The Mighty Chevelles in 1977. By 1979, while transitioning to the name Music Makers Band, the band entered Capricorn Studios and recorded this previously-unreleased disco funk opus, finally issued as You Can Be as part of the Now-Again Reserve series.

Kenny Dope’s album mix for “You Can Be.”

Nearly all songs have been remixed from the original multi-track masters by Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez. Bonus second LP contains instrumentals and Kenny’s extended edits of selected tracks – available only to subscribers. Georgia funk and soul historian Brian Poust details the band and album’s story in detailed liner notes in an oversized booklet. Download card for WAV files included with LP.

Kenny Dope’s remix for “You Can Be.”

An Introduction To World Psych – A Live Mix By Egon

Now-Again | Jul. 18, 2020 | News |

If you’re looking for something to take up 45 minutes of your time and you’re tired of watching quasi-celebrities troll people on Twitter, then you can immerse yourself in the deep dive that is World Psych, with Egon’s mix, now up at Spotify. It’s a live mix of psychedelic and progressive rock tracks from the all over the world, as the title hints, and it includes selections from bands we’ve reissued – including German Oak and Paternoster. Like Egon’s previous mixes, it includes a lot of tracks that haven’t yet made it to digital distribution services.