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Myron & E, a Calfornia-based soul duo, are the newest recording act on the Finnish Timmion label. Backed by Timmion’s “in house” band The Soul Investigators, the duo’s debut 7” single ”Cold Game / I Can’t Let You Get Away” is an exercise in gritty, Impressions-influenced soul music and was released in Europe in a limited press. The single will soon be available in North America on Now-Again Records, distributed exclusively by Stones Throw.

Myron & E are singers from differing musical backgrounds. The two met working in the tour outfit of Bay Area indie-hip hop legends Blackalicious. The senior member of the duo, Myron Glasper, got his start in music in the early 90s working as a back-up singer in Los Angeles. The mysterious “E’s” is actually the DJ known as E Da Boss, whose music has been released on labels including San Francisco’s Om Records.

Myron & E’s music might seem to be a radical departure for two hip hop-reared Californians, but the duo slide into their new-roles like tenured soul stars. The Soul Investigators backing tracks – lush, string-swept affairs that revel in analog tape hiss and the overall warmth of live musicianship – came together under the tight guidance of producer and recording engineer Didier Selin.

The Soul Investigators, originally from Matinkyla, Finland, made their first recordings in the late 90s and have worked independently from day one. Timmon Records, founded in 1990, has released a series of albums which range from the psychedelic excursions of Didier’s Sound Spectrum to the anthemic soul of Nicole Willis. Willis and the Soul Investigator’s ”Keep Reachin’ Up” album is probably the label’s “biggest” success, but Timmion’s catalog contains dozens of entries and shows no sign of slowing.

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  1. Arniel Brown says:

    Yo! I’m feeling Myron & E, but not sure where I can grab one of their songs (do it?) that I heard on Stone throw Records podcast 64 mixed by Peanut butter Wolf. Where can I cop that song?


  2. Nona says:

    Hello, what do you do? We cram French and many other session.

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