Stream: Egon’s Rock Mix

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Via Rappcats, on Egon’s mix done for the release of Madlib’s Rock Konducta album:

“This is a mix of late 60s to mid 70s rock music from all over the world: America to Germany to Japan and everywhere in-between. It’s the type of rock Madlib used for the Rock Konducta records, and is a mixture of the incredibly rare and random dollar bin finds that makes crate digging in the rock idiom so much fun. A lot of this is underground – one example was literally recorded by Dusseldorf twenty-somethings in a bomb-shelter, a literally exorcising of Nazi demons through Krautrock – and some of it is from bands that had pop aspirations but recorded something heavy and probably a bit odd as the one-off awesome track on an otherwise forgettable album. Live mix using 2 CDJs, no edits, some mistakes, that’s the way it goes. Shout outs to Twink, Bunker Records, Franz Wippel, any band that spells April with a “y” instead of an “i,” state-run labels from former communist countries who had the nerve to get down with hard psych and Madlib, of course, for finding the funk in all of this.”

Stream Now! Live Mix: Egon on Boiler Room

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If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you might have seen/heard Egon’s set at Boiler Room’s debut in San Francisco. This is the many-times-postponed follow up for their “Collections” series, which we and the Boiler Room crew have tried to get right. It aired live at noon (BST) on Friday June 27th and is available as an archive here:

From Boiler Room’s site:

“He took us on a wondrous musical journey spanning psych, funk, prog and more; interspersed with useful information about each release such as which presses to look for if keen, and what’s going to be reissued for our ears to delight in.

We traveled through Spain with Madlib favorite Pan y Regaliz, Eastern Europe with our old loves Indexi and Drago Mlinarec plus a newfound one, Drugi Nacin; Iran with Kouroush Yaghmaei, over to the African continent with Zambian legends Ngozi Family (keep your eyes peeled for a respective anthology on the label in 2015), Ethiopia with Mahmoud Ahmed, Nigerian band The Hikers, and an unmissable slew of Angolan 45’s – this just to name a few.”

Stream: Egon’s Mix For Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide

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Above, stream Egon’s set from a recent stop at Gilles Peterson’s legendary Brownswood studios in London. Contains a series of previews of albums to come on Now-Again, from Karl Hector & The Malcoun’s Unstraight Ahead to the Ngozi Family Band’s Day of Judgement, forthcoming titles on Madlib and Dilla’s labels, never before heard Zimbabwean rock and funk tracks and a special, special treat: the lost JB’s recording of Bootsy Collins and the boys covering Jimi Hendrix. Fantastic!


Neoton – Gyere Álom (Pepita)
Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Kaifa Part 1 (Now-Again)
The J.B.’s – The Power Of Soul (King Record test press)
Eye Q – I Am Selfish (Now-Again)
Ngozi Family Band – Sunka Mulamu (Now-Again)
Stars of Liberty – Power To The People (Afro Soul)
Madlib – Selections from Rock Konducta Vol. 2 (Madlib Invazion)
J Dilla – Give ‘Em What They Want (Pay Jay)
Stephen David Heitkotter — Untitled (Now Again)
Fabiano do Nascimento & Airto Moreira – Minha Cirandar (Now-Again)

Egon’s Funk Archaeology at RBMA: Unsung Funk (and Rock!) Hero Robert Rozelle

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Linked below: Egon’s newest Funk Archaeology post at Red Bull Music Academy’s website, this time detailing the legacy of a true unsung musical hero, bassist Robert Rozelle. As you’ll read, Rozelle was not only the bassist for our very own Apple and the Three Oranges, but also for psych-rock ensemble Love and – if you believe our investigative work – Dyke and The Blazers, on tracks previously assumed to have been recorded by members of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

The download this time around: Ed. “Apple” Nelson’s “I’ll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)”, Rozelle’s swan song and one of the most perfect soul songs of all time.

The New Series: Robert Rozelle – A True Unsung Musical Hero – Egon’s Funk Archaeology at Red Bull Music Academy.
The Old Series: Egon’s Funk Archaeology at NPR.
Download: Ed. Nelson “I’ll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)”

Stream: Egon’s San Francisco Boiler Room Set

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Above, stream Egon’s set from the Boiler Room party in San Francisco last October. Selections include sneak-peaks into what is to come on a few of our forthcoming anthologies and songs from Kaleidoscope, JA Ceasar, GAA, The Zipps, SRC, Paternoster and other obscure names. Like Donovan. Kidding. No, actually we’re not. Listen and learn.

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