Announcing Paul White (and The Purple Brain) – with a free mp3…

Now-Again | Mar. 24, 2010 | News |

An inventive showcase of what’s possible when armed with just a sampler, a few studio toys and a fertile imagination, Paul White & The Purple Brain is the intriguing sophomore album from South London producer Paul White – his first for Now-Again. This album will see release in early June.

A collaboration of sorts, the entire record is based around and inspired by the work of little-known Swedish psych-rock guru S.T. Mikael. Heavy on Eastern influences and otherworldly concerns, Mikael’s music ranges from searing electric guitar-led dirges to dreamlike ballads to ghostly atmospheric experiments and has been issued in tiny quantities since the 1990s on the Subliminal Sounds label.

Paul White & The Purple Brain is a remarkably diverse album that defies easy categorization. Which suits him and his “home” label One-Handed Music (in collaboration with whom Now-Again releases this album) just fine. Praised as someone who “embodies all that is good about a new generation of producers” (Dazed & Confused), Paul White has won over fans of left-leaning sounds and interesting hip-hop, including Diplo, Mary Anne Hobbs, Benji B and Gilles Peterson.

Download our first single from this album – “Ancient Treasure” – by clicking here.
Read more about Paul at his Now-Again artist page by clicking here.
External link: One Handed Music’s website.

Itunes Indie Spotlight on Now-Again – 16 Albums At Sale Prices Now!

Now-Again | Mar. 23, 2010 | News |

As if you don’t have our entire catalog! Well, if you don’t, you can buy a series of the albums – digitally – on sale for $7.99 this week at Itunes. They’re “spotlighting” us. Because we’re nice like that.

Link: Itunes Indie Spotlight – Now-Again

Dimlite Prismic Tops Out Now (Grab A Free MP3!)

Now-Again | Mar. 17, 2010 | News |

It’s finally here: Dimlite’s long-awaited Prismic Tops EP. The Swiss beatsmith’s latest – his first venture into the realm of – gasp! – singer/song(beat?)writing is coming in digital, CD and LP format this week. Packaged in thick chipboard “tip on” jackets, these pieces are a sight to behold and the music is, of course, staggering. Grab a sample below, buy the album in whatever format you wish, get ready for our worldwide release date of May 4th and stay tuned for more Dimlite news.

Buy it here.
Link: Elbow Flood
More info on Dimlite at his Now-Again artist page.

Kashmere Stage Band Thundersoul Documentary Premiere/Live Show At SXSW (and a free mp3!)

Now-Again | Mar. 15, 2010 | News |

Inspired by our Texas Thundersoul anthology of the legendary Kashmere Stage Band, documentary film maker Mark Landsman obtained the rights to Conrad O. Johnson’s life story and directed the documentary Thunder Soul, a lovingly assembled history of Johnson, his band and the extraordinary reunion of Kashmere alumni from Houston’s storied high school when they returned to their school for the first time in 35 years to pay tribute to their beloved leader. Sadly, Johnson passed away in 2008, only a few days after this reunion.

The film premiered Sunday. It’s showing again, and the reunion-version of the Kashmere Stage Band will perform at the Austin Chronicle Film Party.

Premiere and event dates:

MAR. 15, 6:45 PM Thunder Soul at Alamo Lamar 2, 1120 South Lamar Blvd.
MAR. 15, 9:00 PM Kashmere Stage Band (Live) at Austin Chronicle Film Party at La Zona Rosa, 612 W 4th St.
MAR. 19, 2:30 PM Thunder Soul at Paramount Theater, 713 Congress Ave.

Link: Austin Chronicle on the Kashmere Stage Band and Thundersoul
Download: Kashmere Stage Band “Super Bad (Egon’s extended edit)” from our Texas Funk anthology.

Whitefield Brothers In Paris

Now-Again | Mar. 12, 2010 | News |

The Whitefield Brothers are in the midst of a European tour; last night they played at La Bellevilloise. We received a series of rave reviews from friends in the city. We hope to get some audio. At the very least, we’ll get some live shots from Now-Again’s official French photog, Mr. Mass, who snapped this photo of Max and Jan Whitefield (left and right) before the gig.

Carry on boys!

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