Paul White – Paul White and The Purple Brain

Now-Again | May. 27, 2010 | Catalog |

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All music written by Paul White and S.T. Mikael except 1, 15 and 20 written by Paul White
All music performed, recorded and mixed by Paul White
Mastered by
Artwork by Amy de Nobriga
Executive produced by Alex Chase for One-Handed Music; Egon for Now-Again

1. Crazy Science Intro (0.24)
2. Gentle Freak (2.23)
3. Pride (2.08)
4. Fire Soul (1.00)
5. Ancient Treasure (1.50)
6. Marshen Signals (2.02)
7. Bom Bom (1.28)
8. Come Back (1.12)
9. Dance Scene (1.59)
10. Music Trip Interlude (0.48)
11. Fly With Me (2.11)
12. Body Spirals Pt. II (2.20)
13. Alone Again (1.59)
14. Promises (0.50)
15. Mushroom Forest (0.37)
16. My Guitar Whales (1.41)
17. Organ Therapy (1.29)
18. Comedy Hour (1.17)
19. Mind The World (1.53)
20. Purple Brain Interlude (0.30)
21. Let It Out (1.59)
22. Bingo (0.50)
23. Ride With Me (1.42)
24. Every Breath (2.20)
25. Professional Criminals (0.43)

All songs except 1, 15 and 20 contain samples of recordings by S.T Mikael for Subliminal Sounds.

CD and Deluxe 3 LP. 2010. NA 5061

Ojoubeha – Shirley (Moulin Rouge, late 60s)

Now-Again | May. 25, 2010 | Picks |

Listen: “Shirley.”

Ojoubeha: “Shirley.”

A second track by Ojoubeha – “The Prodigies” – released in Tehran on a small imprint, perhaps related to Arang Rooz, circa 1968. “Shirley” is insistent doo-wop inspired garage, with typical lovelorn lyrics and group harmonies. And though it’s a far cry from the psychedelic take they’d offer on Persian folk tunes in later releases, it’s interesting enough to warrant inclusion in our Picks section.

Seu Jorge And Almaz

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Listening to this remarkable album for the first time you’ll surely be struck first by the deep, soul-piercing voice of that great Brazilian singer, Seu Jorge. Yes: he’s a singer first and foremost. Many may know him as an actor for his screen-stealing performances in the likes of Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic and Fernando Meirelles’ City Of God but Seu Jorge has known since he was a child that we was destined to sing. He’s a Brazilian singer who speaks the truth through samba, to paraphrase a well-known Seu Jorge quote.

But this project is about a band: Almaz. Drummer Pupillo and guitarist Lucio Maia from the stalwart Nação Zumbi; bassist and composer Antonio Pinto from the soundstages of Hollywood and Brazilian blockbusters such as City of God, the film that showcased Seu Jorge’s star-turn as Knockout Ned. They came together naturally to record a song for a Walter Salles film; they enjoyed the experience so much that they recorded an entire album of music that inspired them. Songs famous within the Brazilian diaspora (Tim Maia, Jorge Ben) mesh with classic American (Roy Ayers, Michael Jackson) and European (Kraftwerk, Cane and Abel) soul songs begging for a bit of psychedelic samba.

They enlisted producer and fellow Brazileiro Mario C. (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson) to put the finishing touches on the project. And now Almaz, looking to only “common sense” as bandleader, spring forth with an album both warm and dark; an album that is psychedelic and yet grounded, uplifting but at times somber. To listen to Seu Jorge and Almaz is to join them in the studio, where the only bandleader is the music and the only agenda is to follow your heart.

A Blast From The Past – Egon’s High School Band Stones Throw Podcast

Now-Again | May. 24, 2010 | News |

Egon’s done a few Podcasts for Stones Throw’s reliable series. Stones Throw has reposted a few. Here’s one that came out in 2007, around the release of the Kashmere Stage Band anthology Texas Thunder Soul: a mix of recordings by various high school bands, released in the 60s and 70s. It’s a free download with any purchase at Stones Throw’s webstore.

Download: Egon’s “High School Band Mix.”

A California Funk Addendum – L.A. Bare Faxx

Now-Again | May. 21, 2010 | News |

One of our favorite songs on the California Funk compilation – L.A. Bare Faxx’s “Super Cool Brother” – has stood as a rarity that nearly every soul and funk collector would like to get his dirty hands on. Few can claim to own an original Watts USA 45 rpm 7″ pressing. But rarer than the 7″ is a photo of the band. Recently discovered – after our version of the anthology was put into production – we now present to you the members of L.A. Bare Faxx circa 1973, and offer you a chance to download their masterpiece. You’ll still have to search out an original copy of the 45, however, if you want to hear their stellar version of The Temptations’ “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

Download: L.A. Bare Faxx “Super Cool Brother.”
Buy: California Funk.

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