Announcing: Cook Classics Vs. Now-Again

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Following the release of Maker Vs. Now-Again 2, Now-Again presents its first library offering from the producer Cook Classics. Worldwide release date: May 7. Download a free MP3 now!

Manhattan-born and Los Angeles-based, Cook Classics presents a series of songs that combine live instrumentation, modern and vintage synths, programmed beats and live drums. Rich and layered, many of these tracks have a hip-hop backbone – built from samples within the Now-Again catalog – upon which Cook adds pop-music elements. It’s no wonder that Cook’s music has been synched in ads by Pepsi and has been heard in major movies, television and awards shows. And it’s due to Cook’s digging in the Now-Again crates that the likes of Outasight find themselves with backing tracks that feature folks like Mr. Chop and Anubis.

This album is only available digitally on Now-Again Deluxe, and it’s up now. A limited edition is CD is packaged in a “mini-LP” thick cardboard “tip-on” sleeve and is available in limited quantities starting May 7th. Download his flip of a song from our very own Natural Yogurt Band, below.

Download: “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
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Egon’s Funk Archaeology at RBMA: Reconsidering Modal Jazz

Now-Again | Apr. 3, 2013 | Picks |

Linked below: Egon’s newest Funk Archaeology post at Red Bull Music Academy’s website, this time focusing on new considerations in modal jazz, which fans of this label’s Spiritual Jazz anthology will certainly find intriguing.

The exclusive download this time around: a second selection from Zambia’s Broadway Quintet, a most unique band from Lusaka who issued one of the only jazz albums in the country’s glorious 70s epoch.

The New Series: Reconsidering Modal Jazz – Egon’s Funk Archaeology at Red Bull Music Academy.
The Old Series: Egon’s Funk Archaeology at NPR.
Download: Broadway Quintet “Nifo Fine.”

Enjoy The Experience – Deluxe Edition Now Available For Pre-Order!

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Last month we announced the inaugural book that our sister company Sinecure Books is launching upon the world on May 21st and we told you all about the companion anthology 2CD/LP that we’re distributing here at Now-Again. Well, for those who think that May is a long way away, we have some good news: Enjoy The Experience will be available as an official Record Store Day release – and thus almost certainly available at your favorite local record store, worldwide – and a deluxe edition is available now as a pre-order at the Sinecure Books website.

The deluxe edition of Enjoy The Experience comes in a handsome slipcase that showcases various private-pressed American albums laid out in the shape and colors of the American flag and contains a full color poster and a facsimile Century Records “How To Press Your Own” record 7″. Pictures of the book and the deluxe package are below. The pre-order ends when either 1) all deluxe versions are sold out or 2) on 04.20 and orders will ship shortly thereafter.

Preorder now closed. Deluxe Bundle still available here.


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