Enjoy The Experience – Deluxe Edition Now Available For Pre-Order!

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Last month we announced the inaugural book that our sister company Sinecure Books is launching upon the world on May 21st and we told you all about the companion anthology 2CD/LP that we’re distributing here at Now-Again. Well, for those who think that May is a long way away, we have some good news: Enjoy The Experience will be available as an official Record Store Day release – and thus almost certainly available at your favorite local record store, worldwide – and a deluxe edition is available now as a pre-order at the Sinecure Books website.

The deluxe edition of Enjoy The Experience comes in a handsome slipcase that showcases various private-pressed American albums laid out in the shape and colors of the American flag and contains a full color poster and a facsimile Century Records “How To Press Your Own” record 7″. Pictures of the book and the deluxe package are below. The pre-order ends when either 1) all deluxe versions are sold out or 2) on 04.20 and orders will ship shortly thereafter.

Preorder now closed. Deluxe Bundle still available here.

15 Responses to “Enjoy The Experience – Deluxe Edition Now Available For Pre-Order!”

  1. Nate Bosshard says:


  2. Bill Sharp says:

    Ha… Nate was the first person I thought of when I read this.

    But yeah… Purchased.

  3. Egon says:

    Nate! We need to talk Marvin Whoremonger.

  4. yoyo says:

    It says it will include a download card. Will it include the songs from the LP as well?

  5. Egon says:

    Yes it will, yo yo.

  6. Gurvan says:


    I like this new sound orientation for nowagain after few african & heavy funk reissues, even if i bought them ;).

    thanks egon

  7. Napo/Zenlo says:

    Supposed I wanto purchase the lot (book/lLps/CD) how much will be.Or the other options (Book +CD or Book + LPs)
    I want to point out that I’ll send you cash/bucks in a well concealed envelope!
    Is it possible?
    Many Thanks
    Napo. Camassa III from London UK

  8. Now-Again says:

    At the moment that option isn’t available, but if we can make it so, we’ll post the info here.

  9. Willem says:

    could you tell me the ISBN-number, so I can purchase it through the bookshop?

  10. Track Bids says:

    Good blog with some intriguing information. I’ll be back.

  11. adam bern says:

    if you guys get Whoremonger reissued, I will worship at your altar for life.

  12. Now-Again says:

    Adam, it’s happening for sure….

  13. adam bern says:

    Awesome. Seriously made my day with that news. Just lost bidding war on the Bay for a VG++ copy that sold for $1,500. Ouch.
    Any tentative release dates? So stoked

  14. bern says:

    and pretty, pretty please don’t change the OG artwork

  15. bern says:

    make it happen please!

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