Al Manfredi – Blue Gold

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1. Of the Sea
2. I Don't Live Today
3. Five Six
4. Blue Gold
5. Foggy Night
6. Empty of Your Possession

1. What A Way To Be Laughing 
2. Let It Alone 
3. Never With You (Acoustic Version)
4. To Catch The Sun *
5. Don’t Move Girl *
1. Can Be Near You 
2. Basking
1. What A Way to Be Laughing (Acoustic Version)
2. Star Factory
3. Just Can’t Stay Away

"Don't Move Girl" (Al Manfredi)/”To Catch the Sun" (Mike Ingram)
Recorded at Debra Studio, 2613 W. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, AZ, circa
November/December 1966 by Loy Clingman. 

Personnel: Al Manfredi (Vocals, Bass), Mike Ingram (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Jim Jeffers
(Lead Guitar), Mike Ryer (Drums, Vocals).

Originally released in December 1966 on Pins, AL-F-1/AL-F-2.

“Of the Sea,” “I Don't Live Today,” “Five Six,” “Blue Gold,” “Foggy Night,” “Empty of
Your Possession” all written by Al Manfredi.

Recorded at unknown studio by Al Manfredi, circa 1972.

Originally released early in 1973 as Al Manfredi on Band N’ Vocal Mobile Recording
Service, BVRS 1285

Personnel: Al Manfredi (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums)

“What A Way To Be Laughing,” “Never With You (Acoustic Version),” “Can Be Near You,” “Basking,” “What A Way to Be Laughing (Acoustic Version),” “Star Factory,” “Just Can’t Stay Away” all written by Al Manfredi.

Recorded at unknown home studios by Al Manfredi on unknown dates, assumed to be between 1971 and 1975.

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt and Alek “Exile” Manfredi. Associate production and liner notes by Mike Stax. Original sessions produced by Al Manfredi. Lost & Found sessions produced by Loy Clingman.

Restored and remastered by Jason Bitner at Traffic Entertainment Group, Boston.
Lacquered by Chris Potter at Electric Mastering, London.
Art Direction by Errol Richardson.
Licensed courtesy Alek “Exile” Manfredi.

What an amazing experience, to have a hand in helping my Father live his dream of his music being heard, even after his death. Since his passing, I have come closer to understanding my Father’s struggle and, through his lyrics and music, to realizing how soulful of a human he was. May his music warm your hearts and give you inspiration to make it through; may it live through the mystical sound waves of this planet for as long as it’s here.

A most sincere thank you to Egon and Mike Stax for guiding this journey in re-releasing my Father’s music and in telling his story. Special thanks to Lance Manfredi, Alberico Manfredi (R.I.P.), Alicia Manfredi, Barbra Manfredi, to the Manfredi and Castano family tree, Gwen

Dageford, Jan Tomlinson, Paul Waroff, Rob Branigin, Richard Deuel, Dan Nowicki, Jim and John Jeffers, Susan Bainbridge (R.I.P.) and to all students my Father taught at Al Manfredi Guitar and Drum Studio and Star Factory. I am so very thankful for you being a part of his journey.

LP, CD, Digital. 2019. NA5174.