Announcing: East of Underground “Hell Below” 3LP/3CD Box Set

Now-Again | Jun. 13, 2011 | News |

One of our favorite soul/funk albums is East of Underground’s near-mythical, self-titled LP. Originally produced and released by the US Army in 1972 to use as a recruitment tool, this album flew into our top ten list when Chicago-based collector Dante Carfagna first sourced a copy in the late 90s. It never left.

We were overjoyed to be able to include the paranoiac soul of their “Smiling Faces” on our Forge Your Own Chains anthology. Now, we’re readying to present a 3 LP/3 CD box set of the East of Underground’s album – as it was originally issued, as a double LP with the little-heard SOAP album – and The Black Seeds/The Sound Trek album that the US Army released the following year. A September release date has been set; more information coming soon.

6 Responses to “Announcing: East of Underground “Hell Below” 3LP/3CD Box Set”

  1. Djouls says:

    VERY NICE!!! Now we have to wait until september though…

  2. Egon says:

    DJouls – can you say “Stones Throw Pre-Sale?”

  3. […] Announcing: East of Underground “Hell Below” 3LP/3CD Box Set […]

  4. DJ says:

    I was there in Frankfurt durings the battle of the bands with the Black Seeds and Sound Trek. Sound Trek was far the surperior group they blew the Black Seeds off the stage but still took second place. Bad news for Sound Trek…

  5. Lesley says:

    My mother was the lead singer in SOAP

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