Video: Grimm Reality (Dimlite) “Orchard-wards”

Now-Again | Jun. 10, 2011 | News |

Our favorite Swiss producer-vocalist-visionary Dimlite has an album coming out soon. Yes, you heard that right – he’s finished an album. It’s called The Grimm Reality and we’ll be releasing it this fall – well, if you know our history with Dimlite by now, you’ll know that we’ll almost certainly leak a song or two and offer an exclusive pre-sale earlier than that.

At any rate, here’s a little teaser – a video Dimlite calls “humorous + minimalistic” – for a bonus track called “Orchard-wards” from his forthcoming opus.

6 Responses to “Video: Grimm Reality (Dimlite) “Orchard-wards””

  1. Julia says:

    T H R I L L E D!!!
    Now if only someone will persuade him to tour the US or at least perform 1 show in California.

  2. Egon says:

    Believe me – I’m on it!

  3. ZBBSI says:

    For once, proud to be swiss……

  4. raphael says:


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