Connie Price & The Keystones – Wildflowers (Expanded Edition)


1. Sticks and Stones (Ubick, Simon, Ruzumna)
2. Sucker Punch (Ubick, Simon, King)
3. Western Champion (Ubick, Simon, King, Wilder)
4. The Buzzard (Ubick, Simon)
5. Tall Dry Grass (Ubick)
6. The Shadows of Leaves (Ubick, Simon, King)
7. Fuzz and Them (Ubick, Simon)
8. Double Dutch (Ubick, Simon, King)
9. Wildflowers (Ubick, Simon, King)
10. Get Thy Bearings (Leitch)
11. Wildflowers (Instrumental – Ubick, Simon, King) *
12. Attack of the Killer Penguins (Ubick, Simon, King) **
13. Sticks Dub (Ubick, Simon, Ruzumna) ***
14. I’m Inside Out( Ubick, Simon) ***
15. Ups and Downs (Ubick) ****
16. Hurricane Malcolm (Ubick) ****
17. Balloon Ride (Ubick) ****
18. Raga Doll (Szabo) ***
19. Afro Som (Caldmon) ***

Connie Price & The Keystones are: Drums: Connie Price, Pete McNeal, Josh Cohen. Percussion: Davey Chegwidden, Connie Price. Bass: Dave Wilder, Richard “Doo” Lee. Guitar: Dan Ubick, Willie Lee, Leo Price. Keys: Jeremy Ruzumna, D’Wayne Kelly, Willie Lee, Dan Hastie. Trumpet: Todd M. Simon. Flugelhorn: “Hoagie” Haven. Saxophone: James King, Tracy Wannomae, David Ralicke. Trombone: David Ralicke, Dan Osterman. Bass Clarient: Tracy Wannomae. Melodica: D’Wayne Kelly. Vibes: Connie Price. Bass Harmonica: Dave Cooley. Coral Sitar: Dan Ubick. With guests… Drums: Malcolm Catto. Organ: Bobby Watley. Guitar: Jan Weissenfeldt. Vocals: Lester Abrams and Leslie Smith.

Produced by Dan Ubick for DanUbeProductions.
Recorded by Dan Ubick at Capilla Roja Studios and Lions Den Studios in Highland Park/Topanga Canyon, CA except “Raga Doll” recorded live on 88.9 KXLU for Fred C’s “Super Twin Tabels of Soul” and “Afro Som” recorded live at Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA. 2002-2004.
Mixed by Dave Cooley, with input by Connie Price and Todd M. Simon.
Mastered by Dave Cooley.
Executive produced by Egon.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.

CD, Digital. 2015. NA5139.

Originally released as NA5014 Wildflowers, except
Tracks with an * released on NA5013 Wildflowers (12”),
Tracks with an ** released on NA2004 Blood’s Haul,
Tracks with an *** released on NA5020 Sticks and Stones,
Tracks with an **** previously unreleased.