Egon on NPR: Persian Psych and Funk

NPR posted the latest list in Egon’s Funk Archaeology series on Iranian Psych and Funk. Included in the list was a write up on Kourosh Yaghmaei’s woeful masterpiece “Hadjme Khali,” which will appear on our forthcoming Forge Your Own Chains comp.

From Egon’s post:

“One of the great male vocalists of 70s Tehran, Kourosh released a host of melancholic, beat-heavy psych with a distinctively Persian edge. His releases range from weeping ballads to fuzz-heavy, poly-rhythmic up-tempo floor shakers. An always tasteful guitarist, Kourosh was rumored to have released an album in the mid 70s, but I’ve never seen a copy. I have, luckily, added a number of 7s to my collection, including the brooding “Hajme El Khali,“ a meditation on loneliness. Kourosh, who still lives in Iran, has seen numerous bootlegs of his recordings come out of America in recent years. His son Kaveh is working to right that wrong. Recent discovery of many of Kourosh’s master recordings in Tehran will hopefully push the process along. ”

We’ll post more information about Kourosh and the Forge Your Own Chains compilation. In the mean time check out “Hadjme Khali” here: Kourosh Yaghmaei: “Hadjme Khali.”

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