Natural Yogurt Band – Away With Melancholy

I. Chapter One
II. Chit Chat
III. Better Days To Come
IV. Thoughts
V. Voodoo
VI. Pipe Dreams
VII. Latin Illusion
VIII. Invisible Ink *
IX. The Woods
X. Weak Without Wine *
XI. A Broken Rose
XII. Space Echo
XIII. Egg & Spoon *
XIV. Soft Cheese
XV. Lament For Piano

* Exclusively available on this issue.

NA 5043 CD and 2 10″ LP. 2009.

Written and Produced by: The Natural Yogurt Band
Recorded at: The Chicken Shack, Nottingham, UK
Photography by: Amada Nield
Executive Producer: Gerald Short

Remastered by Kelly Hibbert for Elysian Masters, Barcelona, SP.
Art direction by Matthew Boyd for Way Shape Form, Toronto, ONT.
Produced for Reissue by Egon

Download high res cover art here.