Natural Yogurt Band – Away With Melancholy


I. Chapter One
II. Chit Chat
III. Better Days To Come
IV. Thoughts
V. Voodoo
VI. Pipe Dreams
VII. Latin Illusion
VIII. Invisible Ink *
IX. The Woods
X. Weak Without Wine *
XI. A Broken Rose
XII. Space Echo
XIII. Egg & Spoon *
XIV. Soft Cheese
XV. Lament For Piano

* Exclusively available on this issue.

Written and Produced by: The Natural Yogurt Band
Recorded at: The Chicken Shack, Nottingham, UK
Photography by: Amada Nield
Executive Producer: Gerald Short

Remastered by Kelly Hibbert for Elysian Masters, Barcelona, SP.
Art direction by Matthew Boyd for Way Shape Form, Toronto, ONT.
Produced for Reissue by Egon.

CD and 2 10″ LP. 2009. NA 5043.