UPDATE – Forge Your Own Chains – Worldwide Release Today

Now-Again | Nov. 14, 2009 | News |

There’s something about seeing a record in a store first-hand that makes a release date special. Forge Your Own Chains is out everywhere good music is sold today.

While we’re at it, you didn’t forget to grab The Strangers’ “Two To Make A Pair,” did you?

4 Responses to “UPDATE – Forge Your Own Chains – Worldwide Release Today”

  1. kirin power says:

    That is stunning photography!

  2. Toni Lockley says:

    This is on point!

  3. Marc B. from Chicago says:

    Picked up the LP today!

    Good hear some of this on vinyl. The Record Picks section of the site is well represented between this release & Psych Funk 101.

    Great job everyone!

  4. [uzine] says:

    Hi, gave your fab comp some more attention here + made a suggestion for Vol. 2: http://uzine.posterous.com/piously-crying-into-the-top-drawer

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