Egon has worked with HAIR composer Galt MacDermot since he was a college student, living in Brooklyn every summer and commuting to MacDermot’s house in Staten Island. Anthologies such as Shapes Of Rhythm/Woman Is Sweeter, Up From The Basement and Galt MacDermot In Film are some of the collaborative projects Egon assembled for MacDermot’s Kilmarnock Records imprint.

Records like Oh No’s Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms and “Mash” from J Dilla’s Donuts are the result of Egon spreading MacDermot’s musical gospel.

Recently, Egon visited MacDermot in New York to check in on the pre-production of HAIR’s revival on Broadway and help DOOM clear the use of MacDermot’s “Princess Gika” for his newly released “That’s That.” Along the way, he got the chance to have lunch with MacDermot, bassist Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb and legendary drummer Bernard Purdie.