Gospel Storytellers – There Is A God Somewhere (Champ Records, early 80s)

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Listen: “Rich Man, Poor Man.”

Andrew Wartts, based in Bloomington, Illinois, recorded his landmark gospel album There Is A God Somewhere album in the early 1980s and released it on the small Champ imprint based in Nashville, Tennessee. It took funk archivists years to discover this gem, but it’s a timely resurface. Wartts sound – a mixture of soulful, funky, melancholic yet celebratory exhortations to the Lord – belies the music’s age. In a time when most contemporary-leaning Gospel acts were moving towards the “boogie” sounds of then-pop stars such as Prince and Rick James, Wartts stood firm in his commitment to James Brown style funk. As an example, check out “Peter And John,” a quirky riff on “Give It Up, Turn It Loose.” Turning around neatly in 4/4, the rhythm section chooses to skirt, rather than emphasize, “the one.” The result is a slightly off putting, but wholly original entry into the Gospel-Funk archives.

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  1. AN says:

    How can a person hear all of this? Will it ever be reissued? THis shit is incredible!!

  2. Nicky says:

    i own it, i have digital files also

  3. Robernard Rogerard says:

    I own two copies, and make beat-juggling with my feet on them.

  4. Thieves says:

    Please reissue this! As AN says “This shit is incredible!!”

  5. This Vinyl LP will be re-issued this year. The Gospel Storytellers are currently recording a new full production CD with Grammy winning Producer, Curtis Turrentine of Detroit. This should be a great CD for the Storytellers now known as GST on the TWB Record label.

  6. There Is A God Somewhere Vinyl re-issue will be available within the next three months, approximately June or July of 2011. Thanks so much for the interest. Check out The Gospel Storytellers website around that time.

  7. Dan says:

    any idea where this reissue is at!? id love to get a copy!

  8. Ethan says:

    Is this being re-issued?
    the world needs this, it is sooooooooo good.
    I, for one, would buy this straight off.

    PLease issue it. oh and let me know, too!

  9. Now-Again says:

    Andrew Wartts has informed me that he is indeed making a limited reissue (1,000 pieces) available on vinyl soon….

  10. 30 year annisversary edition is available and can be purchased by email or from the website. Paypal is available.

  11. mark says:

    any reissues left??

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