Heliocentrics “Collateral Damage” EP Available Now on Now-Again Deluxe

Now-Again | Dec. 27, 2012 | News | ,

Over three years in the making, the UK collective Heliocentrics’ sophomore album for Now-Again, 13 Degrees of Reality, is due to be released in the first quarter 2013. As a preview – and, as promised, an exclusive for Now-Again Deluxe subscribers – we’ve making a 3 song EP, Collateral Damage, available – it’s up now! The variety of the psychedelic sounds on this EP, as always, backed by the Heliocentrics core/production team of Malcolm Catto (drums) and Jake Ferguson (bass) hint at what’s to come next year.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, or are still waiting for a reason to – well, we’ll be giving away one freebie track here after the New Year.

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17 Responses to “Heliocentrics “Collateral Damage” EP Available Now on Now-Again Deluxe”

  1. Youdidtherightthing says:

    Can’t wait for this one. Out There was a true revelation!

  2. mark says:

    at last. been really looking forward to this

  3. barrett says:

    Nice! When are these guys coming to the US?

  4. Ilya says:

    Amazing cover! Looking forward for the music.

  5. […] Siguiendo con las noticias que nos llegan desde Now-Again, la subsidiaria de Stones Throw dirigida por Egon, hay que destacar que después de 3 años de preparación y perfilado, The Heliocentrics vuelven con nuevo álbum en 2013. La banda británica liderada por Malcom Catto y Jake Ferguson prepara “13 Degrees of Reality”, segundo larga duración para la plataforma del que ya damos algunas pistas hace meses, justo cuando se adelantaron unas fotos de una grabación con el mismísimo Melvin Van Peebles. El álbum será editado en el primer trimestre de 2013, aunque para ir abriendo boca y solo para los miembros de Now-Again Deluxe, el combo ha preparado un avance en forma de EP titulado “Collateral Damage”. Este título estará disponible para los socios del servicio el 21 de Diciembre! Más info aquí! […]

  6. Japneet says:

    Conoscevo gli Heliocentrics e conoscevo Mulatu (grazie alla migsverlioaa serie Ethiopiques) che dire, insieme creano un cocktail fantastico, che crea quasi dipendenza Lo sto ascoltando in questo momento per la seconda volta eh Grazie mille per il link, e complimenti per il bellissimo blog, e8 sempre un piacere incrociare persone che condividono una passione sincera e totale per la musica tutta Fede

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