New World Generation – New World Generation

Now-Again | Jan. 3, 2013 | News |

The New World Generation’s (NWG’s) self-titled anthology is a collection of rare and unreleased soul, disco and boogie by a cult New England ensemble. You’ll hear echoes of the Roy Ayers produced RAMP sessions and the precise yet sensual vibes of the foundation known as Earth, Wind and Fire in NWG’s music. The majority of work on this anthology is previously unreleased: NWG bandleader Lekan Parsons spent years collating the various components of the first phase of his recording career – which stretched from New York to Boston over the course of a decade – but when he did send the music, we were thrilled. The songs he’d recorded with the Universal Rhythms and Orison ensembles were harbingers of the sophisticated soul he’d proffer with NWG: winsome, hopeful songs – and their existence offered us the chance to present this album.

Download: New World Generation – New World Generation.

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