The Heliocentrics – Out There

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The Heliocentrics’ debut album, first issued by Now-Again in 2007, re-lacquered and repressed today.


Side A
A1. Intro
A2. Distant Star
A3. Flight 583
A4. Once Upon A Time
A5. Beyond Repair
A6. Sirius B
A7. Untitled

Side B
B1. They Are Among Us – Part 1
B2. The Zero Hour
B3. Joyride
B4. The American Empire

Side C
C1. Before I Die
C2. Intermission
C3. Age Of The Sun
C4. They Are Among Us – Part 2
C5. Winter Song
C6. A World Of Masks

Side D
D1. Sounds Of The East
D2. Somewhere Out There
D3. Second Chance (K2’s Prayer)
D4. Return Journey
D5. Sirius A
D6. Falling To Earth
D7. Outro


Malcolm Catto – drums & piano
Jake Ferguson – bass & Thai guitar
Mike Burnham – modular synth & effects
Jack Yglesias – flutes, percussion & santur
Adrian Owusu – guitars, oud & percussion
James Arben – clarinet, tenor & baritone sax
Ray Carless – alto, tenor & baritone sax
Max Weissenfeldt – vibes & percussion
Khadijatou Silcott-Fraser (K2 Wordplay) – vocals


Produced by Malcolm Catto, Mike Burnham & Jake Ferguson.
Executive Produced by Egon.

2LP, CD, Digital. 2007. NA 5031.