Heliocentrics – Quatermass Sessions 1

All music arranged and performed by The Heliocentrics:
Produced, mixed and engineered by Malcolm Catto and Jake Ferguson.
Executive produced by Eothen Alapatt
All tracks recorded and mixed at Quatermass Studio, London.
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters.


1. Intro (J. Ferguson, M. Catto)
2. The Five Thing (J. Ferguson, M. Catto, C. Mwamba, O. Parfitt)
3. Thunder & Lightning (M. Catto, J. Ferguson)
4. Noises and Conversations (M. Catto, J. Ferguson, M. Burnham)
5. Tomorrow Today (J. Ferguson, M. Catto, A. Owusu, O. Parfitt)
6. Primitivos (M. Catto, J. Ferguson, A. Owusu, O. Parfitt, T.Hodges)
7. Something Bad A Coming (J. Ferguson, O. Parfitt, M. Catto)
8. Outer realms (M. Catto, J. Ferguson, T. Hodges, O. Parfitt)
9. Outro (M. Catto, J. Ferguson,)

LP. 2013. NA5108.