James Reese and the Progressions – Wait For Me

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This album was part of the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription series.

Side A:
One Girl
It’s Got Soul
The Mess
Wait For Me
Gee Whiz (Instrumental)
Let’s Go (It’s Summertime)
Jody’s Freeze
Throwing Stones (Kenny Dope Mix)

Side B:
It’s Not But So Much Love Can Do
I’ll Find A True Love
How Can I Make It
He’ll Never Go
A Fool For Love, No More
Joker, Where Did You Come From

Side C:
Throwing Stones (45 version)
Gee Qhiz (Vocal)
How Can I Make It (Instrumental)
Throwing Stones (45 Version – Instrumental)
Throwing Stones (Kenny Dope Mix – Instrumental)
Let’s go (It’s Summertime – Alternate)

Side D:
Gee Whiz (Instrumental – No Horn Overdubs)
Throwing Stones (Instrumental – No Horn Overdubs)
How Can I Make It (Instrumental – No Horn Overdubs)
Gee Whiz (Instrumental – No String Overdubs)
Throwing Stones (Instrumental – No String Overdubs)
How Can I Make It (Instrumental – No String Overdubs)
Gee Whiz (Instrumental – Rhythm Section Only)
Throwing Stones (Instrumental – Rhythm Section Only)
How Can I Make It (Instrumental – Rhythm Section Only)

Original sessions produced by James Reese and others. This compilation produced by Eothen Alapatt. Licensed courtesy James Reese except for Lee Bonds tracks licensed courtesy Paul Coleman, with the license coordinated by Jason Perlmutter.

Liner notes by John Adamian, with contributions by Eothen Alapatt.

Restoration and remastering by Jason Bitner.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.

LP, CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2019. NA5190.