Kashmere Stage Band in the L.A. Times: “revisiting the ‘Soul’ of a remarkable high school jazz band…”

Now-Again | Jun. 21, 2010 | News |

In yesterday’s L.A. Times, writer Mark Olsen discussed the Kashmere Stage Band documentary Thunder Soul and its genesis with our Texas Thundersoul anthology.

Excerpts from the piece:

” “Thunder Soul,” directed by Mark Landsman, tells the story of the student band from Kashmere High School…Landsman was listening to NPR in 2006 when he first heard about Johnson and the Kashmere Stage Band. Knocked out by the music he heard, and incredulous that it was played by high school kids some 30 years previous, he looked up every Conrad Johnson he could in the Houston area… It was Alapatt’s compilation that was featured on the NPR piece heard by Landsman. Landsman’s initial impulse after visiting Johnson was to pursue a fictional feature based on his story. Once Landsman heard rumblings that Kashmere alumni were talking about playing together again, he switched to making a documentary and was there to capture the very first rehearsals for the reunion…”

Hear: NPR on the Kashmere Stage Band.

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