Koushik – Cold Treats

Koushik is no stranger to the Now-Again Records catalog. His “Cold Beats” EP, featuring Percee P and based around samples from the Cold Heat compilation (NA 5017), contained so many raw interpretations of those heavy funk skillets that we had to give him access to the catalog to see what he could cook up next.

Out of the frying pan, into the freezer, then, with Cold Treats. Here Koushik crafts a range of beats that range from horn-driven hip hop (courtesy of The Stark Reality) to bonus beat madness to new takes on the four on the floor disco rhythms of the Record Player… and beyond.


01. Dreams (Pt. 1)
02. Dreams (Pt. 2)
03. Doublesum
04. Bouncebouncebounce
05. Spacejack
06. Ta2
07. Get Everything In
08. Wiggle Dogs
09. Kashdoinit
10. KTH
11. On This Earth
12. Dtop
13. Rollercombat
14. Skipthis
15. Oosh It
16. Mivory
17. Peetey
18. Cold Beats Intro
19. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 1
20. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 2
21. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 3
22. Cold Beats Outro
23. Letitout
24. Basketball Beat
25. 2much4tender
26. Wiggle Free
27. 92
28. Jamnesty

Produced by Koushik.

CD. 2008. NAML003.